Roblox Control Army Beginner Guide Wiki

Welcome to the Roblox Control Army beginner guide wiki! Are you new to the game and struggling to get started? Look no further!

In this Control Army guide, we will cover all the basics you need to know to get ahead in the game. From collecting resources and refining them at your base, to piking best soldiers, and increasing your barracks capacity, I’ll help you navigate the game and make the most of your adventure.

Roblox Control Army Beginner Guide

From lush forests to scorching deserts, the worlds in Control Army game offer a wide range of challenges and rewards for players to discover. So let us first discuss about all the map locations in the game.

Control Army Maps Guide

Zone 1: Forest

Welcome to Zone 1: Forest! As a first starter world, this is the perfect place to begin your journey in Control Army. You’ll start with nothing, but don’t worry, you’ll quickly gather resources and refine them at your base to get gold. Use your gold to buy new soldiers, weapons, and armor for your troops to help you along your adventure.

You’ll also find “I’ll buy your stuff man” located here, where you can sell your surplus resources for gold. There is also 1 dispenser available for you to refill your units and a Tom Quest for you to complete for rewards.

Beware, as the Forest is home to several enemies including Pigs and Golems, but watch out for the secret boss Golden Golem, he’s a tough one to defeat. With a total of three enemies in this area, you’ll have to be strategic in your battles and make sure to choose the right weapons and armor for the job. So sharpen your skills and get ready to conquer Zone 1: Forest!

Zone 2: Riverlands

In Zone 2: Riverlands, you’ll find yourself in a lush and verdant landscape, surrounded by towering trees and winding rivers. This zone is located near the starter area, and you’ll need at least 5 units in order to bypass it and access the areas beyond.

As you explore the Riverlands, you’ll encounter a variety of enemies, including the Flower Monster and Flower Guard. These creatures are known for their agility and quick attacks, so be prepared for a challenging battle.

Despite its challenging foes, the Riverlands do not have any secret boss waiting for you, the final boss of this zone is the White Flower. With its powerful attacks and tricky maneuvers, you’ll need to bring your best strategies and equipment to take it down.

Zone 3: Mountains

As you venture into the Mountains of Zone 3, be prepared for a more challenging experience. This zone is located near the Riverlands and requires at least 10 units in your army to bypass it. Get ready to face a total of 4 enemies, including the tough Rocky, the formidable Ogre, and the Golem Bodyguard, also known as the Slenderman.

However, there is no secret boss to worry about in this zone. The main boss you will encounter is the Emerald Golem, a powerful enemy that will test your strategy and skills. Good luck!

Zone 4: Desert

You’ll need 15 units in order to activate this zone, but once you do, you’ll be faced with a variety of challenging enemies. From the ancient Mummy to the mysterious Energy Creature, you’ll have your work cut out for you. But if you’re up for a challenge, there’s a secret boss waiting for you too – the powerful Lord of Sands.

And of course, no desert adventure would be complete without facing off against a Pharaoh. Good luck, soldier!

Zone 5: Atlantic

Welcome to Zone 5: Atlantic! This challenging zone is located deep within the Riverland, hidden behind a waterfall. To access it, you’ll need to have at least 25 units on hand. But don’t let the requirements fool you, the Atlantic zone is filled with unique enemies, each with their own unique abilities and challenges.

You’ll have to battle Local Atlantic, Snail, and Sapphire Golem to progress through the zone. But watch out, there’s a secret boss lurking around, the mighty Sir Shark. And if you make it to the end, you’ll have to face off against the Sapphire Golem, the zone’s final boss.

Zone 6: Mushroom Forest

As you venture into Zone 6: Mushroom Forest, you’ll find yourself in a dense, misty forest filled with giant mushrooms and all manner of strange creatures. With 35 units under your belt, you’ll be ready to take on the challenges of this mysterious area. The enemies here are formidable, including the giant spiders, Mushroom guards, and WiseTrees. But with skill and determination, you may be able to defeat the secret boss, the powerful Spider Queen, and even the mushroom king.

This zone will test your strength and determination, but with the right strategy and the right units, you can emerge victorious!

Now, we’ll be diving deep into the different classes available in the game and their unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Control Army Classes Guide

Sword Soldier

As a Sword Soldier, you will be wielding a sword or bare fists (if you’re feeling extra fierce) to deal normal damage to enemies. This class is great for early game, as it is cheap and deals decent damage. It’s a great alternative to the swordmaster class for early players, as it deals more damage than archers due to the lower damage dealt by bows.

However, it does have its downsides – it is often outmatched by swordmasters and dies quickly due to its close combat based abilities. Additionally, they may bunch up during battles. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly and early game option, the Sword Soldier class may be perfect for you. It costs only 450.

Bow Soldier

As a Bow Soldier, you will be able to pierce your enemies with an arrow. One of the main strengths is that he is good as a back troop and is ranged. He is also able to move out of the way most of the time if a mob is about to attack you, so you have a higher survival rate. It also has the best damage over time since it doesn’t die first.

However, it will be outmatched by the swordmaster and you don’t get that many drops from most enemies. It is also the second troop in terms of damage per second. The Bow drops from enemies often give lower stats compared to swords. Additionally, the cost of this class is 10,000.

Swordmaster Soldier

Swordmaster Soldier swings with two swords or two bare fists (2 DMG) . One of the main strengths is that it is extremely good for early game if bought with robux. The damage from swords doubles which allow you to deal extremely high damage. Additionally, it has the highest damage per second (DPS) among all the troops.

However, it have 25% less HP than other soldiers and often dies quickly because it cannot move out of the way. It is a close combat-based troop and sometimes it bunch up which can cause disadvantage in battle. It is also extremely expensive, 133 times more expensive than a sword troop. Because the price multiplies by 2x every time you buy a barrack, it can reach absurd prices. Additionally, the cheaper alternative would be the swordman with the cost of 2x less damage. The initial cost is 60.000


Snowballer will have the ability to randomly summon boosts. One of the main strengths is that it can’t be hit by most enemy attacks and it has a chance to drop heals or give everyone a damage boost. Also, it is slightly better than archer. However, It will have the weakest damage per second among all classes and also has the same role as an archer.

Control Army Frequently Asked Questions Guide

In this Control Army FAQ section I will provide answers to commonly asked questions. Here you will find information on various topics to help you navigate and understand more about the game.

How To Spawn Sir Shark?

You can spawn Sir Shark with 500,000 HP. To spawn Sir Shark, you must first destroy the three Shark figures that are scattered throughout the map. The first and second figures are located near the farms, and the third figure is inside the castle. To access the third figure, you will need to destroy the castle gate in order to get inside. Once all the figures are destroyed, Sir Shark will spawn and you will be able to engage in battle with him.

How To Spawn Lord of Sands?

To spawn Lord of Sands, you must first destroy the three Dark Pillars located around the map. These dark pillars are connected to the Dark Pyramid, and you will have to destroy all three of them to spawn the Lord of Sands. Once all the pillars are destroyed, Lord of Sands will spawn and you will be able to engage in battle with him.

How To Unlock The Desert Wand?

The Desert Wand can be found in the tool shop, but it is locked and unavailable for purchase. To unlock The Desert Wand, you will need to defeat the Pharoah, a powerful in-game enemy with a 1% chance of spawning. Killing this specific enemy, will unlock the Desert Wand for purchase in the tool shop, thus giving you access to use it.

How To Spawn Knor/Yeti?

To spawn Knor/Yeti, you must first destroy 30 Pine Trees that are located in the game’s map. This is the only way to spawn the boss and you should know how to destroy the pine trees, it should be pretty obvious.

How to spawn Spider Queen?

To spawn the Spider Queen, you will need to use a magic web. To craft a magic web, you’ll need to go to the crafter and collect the following items:

  • 2 of every mushroom, all of which are located in the Mushroom biome.
  • 5 of every flower/petal. The Red & Blue are located in the starter world, Purple & Pink are located in the Riverlands, Brown & Yellow are located in the mountains, White is located in the desert, and Green is located in Atlantis
  • 5 Rocks, which can be obtained by killing 5 Rocky :)’s
  • 1 Bone, which can be obtained by killing the Lord of Sands
  • 1 Tooth, which can be obtained by killing Sir Shark
  • 1 Specialized Tree Branch, which can be obtained by killing Wise Tree.

Once you have all the required items, you can craft the magic web at the crafter and use it to spawn the Spider Queen.

How to increase barracks capacity?

You should be able to level up your barracks by destroying things and killing mobs. The higher health, the more XP. (Dummy counts too)

With that I conclude this Roblox Control Army beginner guide. Stay tuned for more such updates in the future.

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