Roblox Cross Pirates Tier List (Best Devil Fruit & Sword)

It’s time to explore the vastness of the universe created in Cross Pirates. We are navigating our ship through the turbulent waters of Swords and Devil Fruits.

In this Cross Pirates tier list, we will learn the intricacies behind these elements’ strength, usefulness, and impact as a whole. It’s like a GPS for pirates, but instead of directions, it’s all about power levels!

So, without further ado, let us unfurl the sails and hoist the Jolly Roger!

Cross Pirates tier list (All Devil Fruits Ranked)

Even among the most experienced pirates, this Cross Pirates devil fruit tier list can cause intense debates because it is a matter of opinion.

Therefore, don’t worry if you disagree with our rankings! Take out your reliable compass and make your own way through the enormous range of options.

Tier Fruit
META Lightning and Venom
S Shadow
A Gum (Gear 2), Flame, Dough
B Light, Magma, Phoenix
C Buddha, Smoke
D Quake, Sand
F Bomb, Spin, Invisible, Kilo
Cross Pirates devil fruit tier list

Cross Pirates tier list (All Swords Ranked)

Remember that a sword’s power isn’t solely based on its raw strength. On top of that, it depends on how skilfully you use it.

Thus, a sword may still be powerful weapons in the right hands even if it is ranked lower on the tier list.

Tier Sword
META Night Blade (Stage 1), Knight Daggers
S 2SS, Black Knife
A Bisento, Hallow Scythe
B Napoleon, Gryphon, Black Blade, Inject Blade
C Wando, Shusui, Jitte
D Pipe, Pole
F Cutlass
Cross Pirates sword tier list

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this tier list based on personal opinions?

It is difficult to rank every Devil Fruit and Sword in Cross Pirates objectively because individual opinion vary widely and gameplay is subjective. Since individual experiences may differ, this tier list represents my own experiences and observations.

What is the best way to utilize my Devil Fruit or Sword effectively?

Know your Devil Fruit or Sword inside and out, including its special powers and traits. Gain experience with it in a variety of fight scenarios to become skilled with it and find its best uses.

Will this tier list be updated in the future?

As Cross Pirates expands with new features and updates, the balance of power between Devil Fruits and Swords may shift. In order to give you a true picture of the current meta, this tier list will likely be updated in the future to reflect for these changes.