Roblox Fakewoken 3 Tier List [combat test] (April 2024)

To be a Fakewoken 3 master on Roblox, you got to have the best weapons in the game. Whether you’re fighting monsters, parrying like a pro, or taking down opponents in multiplayer mode, having the right weapon is vital for your success. But, it can be difficult to choose which weapons are worthwhile when you have a variety at your disposal, including those you can craft or receive from rare card rolls.

That’s why our Fakewoken 3 tier list is the ultimate guide to help you choose the most powerful weapons to fit your playstyle and dominate the game.

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Fakewoken 3 Tier List (Best Weapons Guide)

Fakewoken 3 S Tier Weapons
Image by Clashiverse

Fakewoken 3 – S Tier Weapons


Use the Windup Bell in conjunction with standing next to the spawn wall. Caestus is essentially the equivalent of the Azure Flames Shattered Katana Royal Pathfinder, as noted by Virtue. It is best suited for a rushdown playstyle and deals 9 damage with a fast swing speed. The critical ability allows for a wind up and uppercut that results in knockback and ragdoll.

This weapon is a significant upgrade from fists and enables you to fully execute a combo that can deal 100 to 0 damage to enemies next to walls.

Additionally, it functions similarly to a stiletto in that it does more damage and flourishes with just three hits. However, it does not have the same level of critical ability as the stiletto.


Katana has a damage rating of 14, with the added bonus of increased damage (++dmg). Its swing speed is medium, making it well-suited for both zoner and rushdown playstyles. When it comes to critical hits, you can wind up in a sheathing stance before lunging out and delivering a powerful forward slash with your blade.

With this weapon, crits are very useful because they allow for swift and precise attacks. The Katana actually deals so much damage that it can easily take the top spot.


Many Attunementless Metamancers find themselves in a bind when they fail to press the “F” key due to sleep deprivation. When it comes to their playstyle, they typically identify as legendary W key warriors. The damage output of this weapon is 7, and it boasts a fast swing speed. Its critical ability involves winding up the slash three times in front of the user while simultaneously dashing forward slightly.

It is particularly effective against heavy users due to its ability to exploit swing speed mechanics. If used skillfully, the critical ability almost always triggers a flourish.

Despite its power, Stilleto is widely considered to be the most hated weapon. It is advisable to refrain from using a gun in conjunction with this weapon, given that it already has an air attack move.

Fakewoken 3 – A Tier Weapons

Fakewoken 3 A Tier Weapons
Image by Clashiverse


With a damage rating of 10 and a medium swing speed, Sword packs a punch and can quickly take down opponents. Sword is especially helpful to those who prefer a duelist playstyle and are skilled in one-on-one combat.

Its critical hit involves a windup followed by a lunging slash that deals knockback on hit or block, making it an effective choice for getting the upper hand in battle.

Although it’s a great weapon, some players may prefer the katana, which is considered an upgrade due to its superior critical hit and chad status.


The Rapier is either exceptionally effective or terribly useless, with no middle ground. Designed for a Duelist playstyle, it deals 8 damage at a medium to fast swing speed. The weapon’s critical function involves winding up and then delivering five swift slashes to the opponent.

By turning around after the first slash, you can quickly follow up with the remaining slashes, dealing significant damage as the opponent’s parry frames disappear. To counter this move, opponents can hold block while parrying or roll backward when the critical function is activated.

In situations where you are facing two opponents wielding this weapon, it can be particularly difficult to fend off.


Scimitar has a damage rating of 12, making it more dangerous than many other swords in Fakewoken 3. Its swing speed is medium, which means that it’s not the fastest weapon available but still offers decent speed in combat.

The Scimitar has a normal sword crit, so it doesn’t have any extra crit bonuses like some other weapons.

Battle Axe

Battle Axe in Fakewoken 3 has a very high damage output of 15 points. However, its swing speed is on the slower side, making it better suited for defensive playstyles.

While it might not be the ideal option for fighting that goes quickly, when utilized properly, it can do good damage.

Fakewoken 3 – B Tier Weapons

Fakewoken 3 B Tier Weapons
Image by Clashiverse


The Greatsword best suits the playstyle of zoner/duelist. It has a damage rating of 17 and a slow swing speed. When using this weapon, you need to windup first and then slam the Greatsword in front of you to perform a critical attack.

This weapon is excellent for those who want to attack from a distance and maintain a safe distance from their opponents. It takes longer to use and requires some patience, so it might not be the greatest option for those who want to charge into battle.

Enforcer Axe

The Enforcer Axe is a actually a legendary weapon and is best suited for spamming the windup attack. It has a damage count of 22, and all other stats are the same as the Battleaxe.

You can launch a critical attack with this weapon that involves spinning around five times and causing a lot of damage to your opponents. However, obtaining this weapon is not an easy feat, as it requires killing a max level Enforcer with a Battleaxe in one life.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Enforcer Axe is not obtainable in a private server.

That’s all from this Fakewoken 3 tier list. At the end of the day, your success is dictated by your abilities rather than the weapon in your hands.

That is why don’t forget to practice, draw lessons from your mistakes, and be prepared to change your tactics in every battle.

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