Roblox Gauntlet Simulator Codes Wiki [Active] (April 2024)

Gauntlet Simulator codes will bring you free pets, coins, and other boosts. Here are all the active and working Gauntlet Simulator codes for April 2024 that we could find and how to redeem them.

Gauntlet Simulator is a Roblox experience by MetaPlay Games that lets you pump iron with your fingers (way easier than real weights), hatch adorable pets to fight by your side, and collect enough shiny gauntlets to make Thanos jealous.

You can even transform into a superhero and smackdown bosses. Plus, there’s a leaderboard so you can prove you’re the ultimate gauntlet-wielding champion (or at least the one who taps the fastest).

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How to redeem Gauntlet Simulator codes in Roblox

Redeeming Gauntlet Simulator codes is quite simple, as it can be done from the game itself. To redeem your codes, follow the steps below:

  • Run the game via the following page, ⇾ Gauntlet Simulator.
  • Look for the Codes icon on the left side of the main screen.
  • Enter the code in the box.
  • Hit Redeem to get your free rewards.

Roblox Gauntlet Simulator codes [Active]

These are currently active Gauntlet Simulator codes, which we’ve confirmed as of April 23, 2024.

  • FREEPET – Use this code for a free pet!

Keep in mind that these codes are time-limited benefits, so act quickly. And while you’re at it, check out our Roblox promo codes page for even more special Roblox codes.

Gauntlet Simulator codes troubleshooting [How to fix]

We all know the struggle: you find an active code for Gauntlet Simulator, promising exclusive gear or mountains of Gems, only for it to spit out an error message.

But, before you rage-quit and toss your phone into the lava (don’t do that, please!), let’s troubleshoot Gauntlet Simulator code error together.

Here’s what you should do to redeem Gauntlet Simulator codes properly:

  • Double-check: Tiny typos can mess things up. Make sure the code matches exactly.
  • Check if it’s valid: Codes can expire, so only use an active code from the list given above.
  • Restart the game: Sometimes a refresh works wonders.

So there you have it! These tips will help you redeem Gauntlet Simulator codes and claim your free rewards.

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