Roblox Grand Kaizen: Beginner’s Guide (Level Up Fast & More)

Here’s a quick Grand Kaizen beginner’s guide to get you started in this awesome new Jujutsu Kaisen inspired Roblox game.

After a first look, you will notice that this game is packed with action, cool abilities, and tons of grinding (but, that’s part of the fun, right?). It also has tons of fun elements and lets you live out your Jujutsu Kaisen fantasies.

Without ado, let’s get started with this Grand Kaizen guide for beginners.

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Level Up Fast and Unlock Skills

Quest Giver in Grand Kaizen
Quest Giver

Follow the Quest Giver:

After joining the game, head straight for the first Quest Giver, Peter (as seen in the image above). He’ll task you with defeating NPCs that give free XP – repeat his quest until you hit Level 5, then move on to Megumi for levels 10-15, and so on. Rinse and repeat until you’re a level 75 beast!

Promo Codes in Grand Kaizen
Promo Codes

Promo Codes for Spins and Unlocking Curses:

Don’t forget to claim your free spins given by promo codes. Head to the Settings tab by pressing the M key and enter the codes to get at least 20 spins. (as seen in the image above)

Unlocking Curses in Grand Kaizen
Spinning for Curse Techniques

These spins will unlock your awesome curse techniques, like the powerful “Sound Manipulation“, “Disaster Plants“, “Cursed Speech“, and more. (as seen in the image above)

Skill Tree Climber:

Skill Tree in Grand Kaizen
Skill Tree

Once you’ve chosen your desired curse technique, navigate the skill tree using the tree icon in your menu and click on the Unlock button to get started. Remember, you’ll need skill points (earned through levelling) to unlock powerful abilities like “Crumble“. (as seen in the image above)

Level Up Further:

From Level 10, you need to follow this path: Megumi (10-15), Alexia (15-20), Shaolin (20+), and Panda (75+). After reaching level 20 you will have to repeat the same quest again and again until you reach level 75 (yup, it’s a grind!).

Basic Tips for Battle

Key bind in Grand Kaizen
Key bind
  • Set Your Keybinds: Before using your skills, set keybinds for them in the menu so you can use them like a proper Jujutsu sorcerer. (as seen in the image above)
  • Get Your First Powerful Weapon: At Level 5, head to the shop and collect the Black Sword (200 Yen for level 10).
  • Repeat and Conquer: The key to progression is repetitive grind. Don’t be afraid to grind quests repeatedly for Levels and Yen.

That’s it for now! This is just a quick taste of what Grand Kaizen has to offer. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other Grand Kaizen tips or tricks to share!