Roblox item asylum Trello & Wiki Guide (December 2023)

Welcome to my extensive guide for Roblox item asylum Trello. Here, you will find all the information you need to navigate the game. No need to rely on others for answers; this Trello guide will be your reliable source of information.

I will regularly update this guide to keep it in sync with the game’s ongoing developments. So you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Keep reading, and let this guide accompany you as you play the Roblox game Item Asylum.

Roblox item asylum Trello & Wiki Guide
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Roblox item asylum Trello & Wiki Guide

About the game:

Item Asylum is a very chaotic game that gives you 3 items. Those 3 items are melees, ranged, and misc.. To win the game you have to get the most kills. Don’t be those -231 IQ slender looking people saying EZ everywhere even when they don’t win. This game is mostly about luck, somewhat skill-based. Even pros like me have to live with this horrid luck system.


The maps you want would need a lot of void. Slope plate, rooftops, beta islands, and shipment are all examples of good maps. NEVER pick Hatsune world, fish tank, thunderstorm, or baseplate2021. Your kills matter and you need points. Using emotes can guide players to choosing that certain map if the emote is appealing enough. Pick bosses because they are relatively easy and are good source of points.


When getting items, you want the item that best helps you in the best situation. Most weapons are good except lamp, mad murderer, spork, 9mm, America (don’t reset and use it on someone), bottle, puffer gun, pixel gun, football, Makarov, fire force, granola bar, frog on a leash, ladder, nametag, radio, and Popeyes biscuit are miserable items you shouldn’t even use UNLESS you have good items. If you ever get these bad weapons without good weapons, reset yourself.

Point System:

Points are used to unlock emotes and titles. You don’t buy them, you just need enough to equip them. Here is the formula for points.

[Amount of kills] x 1.5 = [Amount of points]

The decimal rounds off. For example, if I got 25 kills, I would get [25 x 1.5 = 38] points, not 37.5. Damaging bosses gives you points and the Max is 175.

Joining JPX will give you 1.5x more points. Stacks with 2x more points gamepasses. This totals up to a 5.5x MULTIPLIER. (including the average points gained by a non member)

Game Modes:

ffa_map: Free For All

The most played gamemode, everyone fights each other to try and get the most kills to assert dominance over the others and get more points. Warning: you may get teamed on intentionally or not.

tdm_map: Team Deathmatch

A gamemode where players are placed into two teams, Red and Blue. Teammates can’t hurt each other but can be affected by some items like ‘Pact’. Teams usually try to get the most kills for their team. There is also a thing called auto balance which balances teams

zs_map: Zombie Survival

A unique gamemode where a certain amount of players are ‘Zombies’ and the rest ‘Survivors’. The Zombies’ objective is to infect all players by killing them with the weapons they have. The Survivor’s job is to survive the Zombies till the timer is over.

boss_map: Boss

Players in this mode fight a powerful boss with unique movesets and gimmicks. They must try to defeat the boss till the timer runs out. This is a good gamemode to grind points due to high reward.
“Some might wonder why they can’t hurt players.” – Citron020

xmas_map: Christmas

A gamemode where players spawn with no items. Alternatively, players must collect items from raining presents. Red presents are Melee weapons, Yellow presents are Ranged weapons, and Blue presents are Misc Items. These presents will give the player any of the items in the current item pool depending on what present they open.

That covers all the essential information about the new item asylum Trello Wiki and beginner guide. Make sure to visit the item asylum Trello board by greenmoth for in-depth explanations on Weapons, Spells, Maps, and more.

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