Roblox Notoriety Engineer Build

In the exciting world of Roblox Notoriety, players seek excitement and challenge as they take on daring heists. Among the various builds available, the Engineer stands out as a versatile and strong force.

Today, we present to you the ultimate Roblox Notoriety Engineer Build, designed to maximize your notoriety and infamy.

Without ado, strap in and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride!

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Notoriety Engineer Build

Notoriety Engineer Build Weapons loadout
Image by Clashiverse

Weapons Loadout

Primary Weapon: SPAS-12 Shotgun

The shotgun SPAS-12 takes the stage as your go-to weapon. In close-quarters combat, its reliable semi-automatic action packs an impressive punch. Choosing to have no attachments makes for a more direct and genuine experience, keeping it raw and powerful.

Secondary Weapon: AKS-74U Carbine

To win you need versatility, especially for longer-ranged encounters. The AKS-74U serves as your trusty backup weapon, offering a compact rifle design that strikes a balance between power and mobility. While scopes are optional, they can enhance your accuracy if desired.

Melee Weapon: Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is the ideal choice for a reliable melee weapon in any Engineer build. Your weapon gains a touch of raw fury from its ruthless cutting edge.

Armor: Kevlar Vest

Finding the right balance between tanky and being mobile is crucial. Equipping a Kevlar vest grants you a sturdy layer of protection without compromising your mobility.

Equipment: Sentry Guns

Embracing your Engineer role means making use of your technical expertise. The Sentry Guns become your allies, deployed strategically to assist you in defending crucial positions and suppressing your enemies.

Skills: A Balanced Approach

To further amplify your effectiveness, we recommend investing skill points across different skill trees. Here’s a breakdown of the key skills to prioritize:

Mastermind skill
Image by Clashiverse


A fairly inexpensive investment. Apple a day aced for extra stamina, medic aced for faster reviving and more health upon reviving.

Enforcer skill
Image by Clashiverse


Bunch of investments made. Pack Animal aced for bag carrying, all shotgun skills because this is a shotgun build, Thick Skin aced Bullseye Basic and Tank Basic for survivability (Tank Basic may be a bit questionable when using Kevlar but just in case).

Bullseye Basic for armor-gating (no need to ace it). Armorer Basic for faster armor recovery. Resourceful and Fully Loaded aced for more ammo pickup (Fully Loaded basic also extends the mag size). Shock N’ Awe basic to penetrate shields. Loud N’ Proud basic as more or less a filler (a bit useful for a shotgun build) skill.

Technician skill
Image by Clashiverse


Ace all sentry-related skills to unleash the full power of your deployable turrets. Additionally, invest in drill skills to ensure you can handle any locked doors or safes you encounter during heists.

Ghost skill
Image by Clashiverse


Just some movement skills and shockproof aced for Tasers. Second Wind is aced as a filler skill. Parkour basic because you don’t really need to reload while sprinting.

That’s all for today! Whether you’re facing overwhelming odds or engaging in prolonged firefights, this Engineer build offers a balanced approach to survive and thrive.

Remember, while it may not guarantee success on Nightmare difficulty or mutators, it promises an exciting and enjoyable experience.

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