Roblox Omini X Scripts Pastebin March 2024: Get All Alien!

In Omini X, you can choose from a ton of wild aliens, each with unique powers (think fire blasts, super strength, even time travel!). Level up, unlock more aliens, and battle across different worlds.

It’s like Ben 10, but you can also be an Osmosian like Gwen or a Time Walker like Paradox. Plus, free and paid options mean everyone can join the hero fun.

And all thanks to the power of Omini X scripts, you can run special auto features in the background while you dominate your opponents.

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Omini X script commands [Pastebin]

Forget the long list of scripts commands for Omini X! Here are the top ones you’ll need to use in Omini X to start playing like a pro.

Get All Alien | Inf Time | Spam Power


Want More Scripts? We Got You Covered!

Our ultimate script database is full of Roblox game scripts, updated daily. From Omini X to any other game you can think of, we got the scripts to make you a Roblox master. Just search, execute, and dominate!

Applying Omini X scripts in Roblox

Who needs Robux when you got free executors like Krnl and Hydrogen, am I right? Just download any one of those, launch it up, and follow these steps to script your way to victory:

  • Open your executor and boot up Omini X in the background.
  • Copy and paste one of the scripts from the list above (no sketchy links here). Paste it into the executor’s input section as it is given.
  • Click the “Run” button like you’re starting the final round. Watch the script work its magic and unlock all those auto features for you to use.