Paths to Immortality Trello Wiki & Beginner Guide (2024)

Welcome to the unveiling of my comprehensive Roblox Paths to Immortality Trello and Wiki guide. Delight in the fact that you needn’t seek answers from others, as this guide shall serve as your compass, leading you to the treasure trove of information you seek.

Rest assured, this Trello shall remain as up-to-date as the ever-evolving game itself, ensuring you are armed with the latest knowledge.

Paths to Immortality Trello & Wiki Guide

Paths to Immortality is a captivating Incremental RPG that draws inspiration from the spellbinding realms of popular “Theory of Magic” and “Your Chronicle games. In this immersive Roblox game, you hold the power to shape your destiny. Will you seek solace and strength within a sect, forming bonds with like-minded individuals who share your ultimate goal? Or will you tread the path of a lone wolf, forging your destiny through unwavering determination and self-discovery?

Within this vast universe, diverse paths await your exploration. Embrace the tranquility of peaceful cultivation, unlocking the secrets of ancient wisdom to harness unimaginable powers. Alternatively, test your mettle through arduous battles, rising through the ranks and conquering all who dare to stand in your way.

The key to achieving immortality lies in mastering your unique affinities. Harness the scorching flames of fire to engulf the world in a blaze of unstoppable destruction. Alternatively, unleash a catastrophic plague that consumes all life, leaving a trail of devastation in your wake.

Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of captivating lore, delving into the intricate depths of arcane knowledge and ancient prophecies. Uncover hidden artifacts, encounter enigmatic characters, and unravel the mysteries that lie at the heart of your quest.

Paths to Immortality Guide
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Cultivation Realms

The game comprises of seven distinct realms, each a gateway to transcendence.

Begin your ascent in the realm of Qi Condensation, where you harness the essence of energy to awaken your inner potential. From there, venture into the realm of Foundation Establishment, where the groundwork for your ultimate destiny takes shape. As you advance, reach the sacred realm of Core Formation, where your essence becomes the forge that forges a path to greatness.

Emerge from the crucible of Core Formation and transcend into the ethereal realm of Nascent Soul, where your spirit melds with the very essence of existence. Beyond this lies the domain of Law Establishment, where the fabric of reality bends to your will, allowing you to shape the very laws that govern the cosmos.

Scale the heights of achievement and ascend to the exalted realm of World King, where your mastery over the realms becomes unrivaled. But even this is not the pinnacle, for beyond lies the sublime realm of Divine Transformation. Here, divinity awaits, with its ten stages, each a testament to your ascendance.

With each realm, a symphony of stages unfolds, each representing a milestone on your path to immortality. From the Initial stages, where your journey commences, to the Mid stages, where your strength burgeons, and finally to the Peak stages, where the apex of your power beckons.

The culmination of each stage heralds a breakthrough, propelling you into the next major realm, where untold wonders await. Foundation Establishment Peak becomes the gateway to Core Formation Initial, as you shed your former self and embrace the next chapter of your immortal saga.

As you venture into the realm of Divine Transformation, the path diverges, with each of its ten stages requiring a momentous breakthrough, akin to the blooming of a celestial flower.

Realm Reinforcement

In your pursuit of the next realm’s breakthrough, setbacks become stepping stones as your current realm is fortified. Behold the strengthened realm, marked by the Core Formation Peak (2)! Reinforcements, represented by this number, enhance all your stats by 2.5%. These bonuses persist even after a successful breakthrough.

However, triumph resets reinforcements to 0, but fret not, for you can rebuild anew and ascend to greater realms. Embrace the power of reinforcements, harness your inner strength, and conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Unleash your potential and let your fortified realm shine as a testament to your unwavering resolve.


As you begin the game, a random talent is bestowed upon you, ranging from 1 to 15. This talent affects your cultivation speed and increases your chances of success in major breakthroughs.

Be prepared for a unique twist—your talent resets alongside your data, granting you fresh possibilities with each new start. Let the celestial rarity of higher numbers ignite your path and propel you towards everlasting life. Unleash the latent potential within and embrace the cyclical dance of transformation on this extraordinary odyssey.

The destiny of immortality awaits, shaped by your ever-changing talent.


There are currently 3 ranks of Sects and 5 ranks of manuals in the game.


  • Basic Manual – Base qi gain speed
  • Rank 1 – +20% qi gain speed
  • Rank 2 – +50% qi gain speed
  • Rank 3 – +100% qi gain speed
  • Rank 4 – +150% qi gain speed
  • Rank 5 – +250% qi gain speed

Higher rank manuals also provide more stats when breaking through.


  • Rank 1 Sects – Have manuals from Rank 1 to Rank 3
  • Rank 2 Sects – Have manuals from Rank 2 to Rank 4
  • Rank 3 Sects – Have manuals from Rank 3 to Rank 5


  • Low Quality Qi Pill – 5 Minutes worth of QI instantly
  • Medium Quality Qi Pill – 15 Minutes worth of QI instantly
  • High Quality Qi Pill – 30 Minutes worth of QI instantly
  • Perfect Qi Pill – 1 hour worth of QI instantly
  • Vitality Pill – +5% Health Stat
  • Tiger Pill – +5% Strength Stat
  • Mind Pill – +5% Qi Stat
  • Hawk Pill – +5% Speed Stat
  • Devil’s Blood – +5% all Stats, -50 Years Lifespan
  • True Life Pill – +100 years Lifespan
  • Death Pill – Your age reaches your lifespan, effectively killing you.
  • Titan’s Blood – Increase potential of a random Affinity
  • Enlightenment Pill – +5k XP in a random Law
  • Heaven’s Body Pill – Reroll your physique. Guarantees a non ordinary physique.
  • Heaven’s Affinity Pill – Adds a random affinity

Secret Attributes

Unveil the hidden attributes that transcend conventional experience and levels in your journey. Behold the enigmatic powers that grow through specific actions and choices.

Enter the realm of “Closed Door Cultivation” where each passing second spent in focused cultivation, away from battles and tasks, grants you invaluable EXP. Ascend through its levels and unlock a remarkable +5% Qi Gain Bonus, enhancing your spiritual energy.

Embrace the art of “Combat Experience” as every second immersed in exhilarating fights adds to your mastery. Gain precious EXP in combat, and with each level attained, bestow upon yourself a formidable +5% defense buff, fortifying your resilience.

Discover the depth of these unique attributes that cannot be measured by conventional means. Nurture them through your actions and watch as they shape your destiny, granting you unparalleled advantages on your path to greatness.


As your mortal journey draws to a close, a remarkable choice awaits: confront Death, triumph, and defy the natural order or embrace the tranquility of reincarnation.

With victory over Death comes eternal life, defying the limits of existence. Alternatively, surrender to the cycle of rebirth, embarking on a new path with each iteration.

Reincarnation brings Reincarnation Points (RP), earned through milestones and growth. These RP unlock profound upgrades that persist across lifetimes. Discover a realm where the boundaries of time blur. Empowered by RP, unlock hidden knowledge and abilities, transcending mortal limitations.

Embrace a unique odyssey where life and death intertwine. Will you challenge Death’s grip, forging an eternal legacy? Or surrender to the cosmic rhythm of reincarnation?

Paths to Immortality FAQs

How do I begin?

Firstly, the basic functions of the game must be understood. At the start of the game, you are presented with an interface that displays the button “Wake Up”, which is the button that starts your journey.

This is an incremental, progressional game with many paths and steps that one can progress through in their journey.

How do I cultivate?

For one to start cultivating, they must first acquire a cultivation manual. One can be obtained by either joining a sect or by finding a basic manual in the earlier stages of gameplay.

How do I obtain an affinity?

Affinities are obtainable and rollable in the early stages of gameplay. If you didn’t follow the old man at the start of the game, you will be given a chance to go to a sect recruitment event. Once you go to the sect recruitment, you’ll be able to roll an affinity. There are different affinities categorised under rarities, all based on luck.

There is a longer route to obtain affinities. If you did happen to follow the old man, you’ll need to try and get into a sect in the route you went if you want to get an affinity. Right now, it’s not possible to get affinities from solo routes.

That’s all you’ll need to know about the new Paths to Immortality Trello Wiki & beginner guide. Be sure to head to the Trello board to get details about Sects, Physiques, and Affinities.

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