Roblox Soulz Transformations Guide: Shikai, Bankai, Visored

Welcome to the updated Roblox Soulz transformations guide! Transformations like Shikai, Bankai, Visored, etc., let your character do two important things:

  1. Change how they look and fight.
  2. Boost their abilities, making them stronger overall.

Learning about transformations is vital to become a powerful player in Soulz. This guide will help you understand the strength and abilities your character gains during the transformation.

Without further delay, let’s explore the Soulz transformations guide to understand them better and use them to our advantage.

Roblox Soulz Transformations Guide

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Shikai – the first evolution of your zanpakuto in the Shinigami world of this awesome Roblox game!

To unlock Shikai, you got to meditate with your sword equipped by holding down the “K” key for 12 minutes. Do this five times to get five spirit messages, which takes about an hour in total.

Remember, you can press “/” as if you’re chatting to let go of “K” during meditation, and “ESC” works too.

Once you’re done with all the meditation stuff, it’s time to face your spirit in a fight. Meditate for around 5 minutes to enter their world. Approach and click on your meditating spirit to start the test, and give them a good beatdown in a fight to the death.

Pro tip: When the NPCs do their slashing move, unblock just before the final hit to avoid getting your block broken.

After you defeat your Shikai spirit, your zanpakuto’s name will change to your spirit’s name, and you’ll get a cool callout word in quotation marks.

For instance, if your spirit’s name is Zakuro and your callout word is “Collapse,” your Shikai callout would be: “Collapse, Zakuro” (without the quotation marks).

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Bankai, the epic upgrade of your Zanpakuto after Shikai. You hit this level 50 milestone by facing your spirit again, but this time in the real world. It’s a massive power boost, but brace yourself because it’s a real challenge to get!

Here’s how you unlock your Bankai:

  • Get into Shikai mode and meditate with full reiatsu until your bar drains completely.
  • Your zanpakuto spirit will pop up, and the first phase kicks off. Find your real blade among all the fakes to move on. If you mess up, the fight ends right there! (Pro tip: Meditate in an open area to avoid blades in buildings).
  • Once you find the real deal, your spirit will physically manifest, and you got to take it down before it takes you out!
  • Your spirit may act all defeated, but don’t drop your guard! Be ready for the final, crazy tough phase. Your spirit will come at you stronger than ever, so slay it to unlock your Bankai!
  • To activate your Bankai, just type “Bankai” (no need for quotation marks) and activate your power!
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Resurrection – the super sword release that Arrancars get! It’s just as powerful as a Bankai, no kidding!

The best part is, unlocking Resurrection is easy. No trials or hard stuff needed! As soon as you hit level 55, it’s all yours!

Here’s how you do it: Hold down “K” to dive into your spirit’s world and have a chat with them. They’ll tell you their name and their callout word in quotation marks.

For example, if your spirit’s name is Migimori and they said “Burn,” then your Shikai callout would be: “Burn, Migimori” (without the quotation marks).

Segunda Etapa
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Segunda Etapa

If you want to get Segunda Etapa, you got to meet these requirements first:

  • You have to be an Arrancar with Resurrection unlocked. No exceptions!
  • Level up to at least 95.

Now, here’s how you get it done:

  • Head over to Menos Forest and scout for a sunbeam. Once you find it, equip your Resurrection and meditate under that sunny goodness to kick off the challenge.
  • Keep your Resurrection equipped and meditate for about 10 minutes.
  • Once the time’s up, your inner world will change to look like Menos Forest. You’ll see your mask lying on the ground under a sunbeam in the middle of your inner world.
  • Talk to your spirit, and then get ready for a series of waves to prove your worthiness. Defend yourself and show them what you’re made of!
  • The waves will get tougher as you go. Brace yourself for 8 waves in total, and some of them may even heal you after you finish them.
  • Survive all those waves, and your spirit will spawn and activate its Resurrection. Now comes the real deal – you got to defeat your spirit to unlock Segunda Etapa.
  • Once you’ve unlocked Segunda, it’ll cloak you in your ability type, boost your damage, speed, and health. Also, you’ll get buffed versions of your Resurrection abilities.

To release Segunda, just type in the chat: “Release, (your spirit’s full name).” They’ll give you the full name once you finish them off.

And, if you forget it but already unlocked Segunda, just meditate and chat with your spirit – they’ll remind you.

True Bankai
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True Bankai

To get that sweet True Bankai power, you got to meet these requirements:


  • First, you gotta be a Shinigami with Bankai unlocked.
  • Second, you gotta be at least level 90.


When you’re using Bankai, there’s a teeny tiny chance your Zanpakuto might break while you’re hitting stuff (not blocking, though). No worries! Just find Nimaiya, and he’ll help you out by crafting a new sword.

Pro tip: Go all out and hit EVERYTHING to increase your chances.

After talking to Nimaiya, head to his basement to connect with an Asauchi. You’ll find his hut on the outskirts of Soul Society, with torches on the building. Inside, you’ll have to fend off a bunch of Asauchis until you finally connect with one. Your Zanpakuto will be broken, so use default skills for this fight.

Once you find your Asauchi and it starts glowing, you’ll be teleported back. Spend more time in the basement for a better chance of finding an Asauchi – one round is recommended.

Go back and chat with Nimaiya after finding your Asauchi. He’ll challenge you to a minigame to create your new Zanpakuto.

True Bankai will wrap you up in your ability type’s cloak, boosting your damage (strength + kido), speed, and health. You’ll also get supercharged versions of your previous Bankai abilities.

To unleash True Bankai, just type “Bankai, (full name)” in the chat. Meditate and chat with your spirit after unlocking True Bankai to find out your spirit’s full name.

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Visoreds are a bunch of Shinigami who managed to get some Hollow powers.

Once you pop on that Visored mask, your stats and health shoot up, plus you get access to some Arrancar skills like Hierro. But, it means you can’t go for the True Bankai route, but, you can still use Bankai with the Visored mask.

Now, to become a Visored, here’s what you need to do:


  1. Be a Shinigami
  2. Unlock Bankai


  • Get yourself whacked by a Red Eye hollow while having Bankai unlocked and equipped. That kicks off the Visored journey but don’t worry; you’re not locked in just yet.
  • After you’ve kicked the bucket to a Red Eye hollow, the very next time you respawn, head over to Las Noches and sit in the meditation spot. After about 10 minutes, your spirit will start teasing you and trying to take over.
  • Now, the kill quest begins. You’re stuck with being a Vizard now, and your sword won’t break for True Bankai. You got to off like 500-600 hollows, and don’t stress; dying won’t mess this up. When you get to the last kill, that hollow will merge with your soul, and you’ll see some special effects.
  • After you’ve done your final kill, meditate for another 10 minutes to take on your inner hollow in a fight. At first, your inner hollow fights like a regular Banka, but when it hits below 30% health, it kicks into Visored mode and heals up completely. This gets intense because now it can use Arrancar skills. Beat your inner hollow, and, you become a Visored!

Now, to be a boss Visored, it starts off weak when you first unlock it. But the more you wear the Visored mask, the stronger it gets. To boost its power, you got to put it on and let it come off automatically.

Keep doing this, and the mask will last longer and get even more powerful. After you do this like 18 times, it’ll hit its max power and stay on indefinitely.

One thing to note: After you finish step 2, you’re locked out of the True Bankai path, so choose wisely!

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