Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello – Character Mode, Muscle & Fat Guide

Hello and welcome to my Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello guide! Tokyo Saga is a PvP (Player versus Player) game that brings many different aspects of the series Tokyo Revengers into one experience. In this game, your main aim is to train your way to being the strongest player in the game.

Now without ado, let’s get started with this guide!

Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello Guide

Progression Tips

You can progress within Tokyo Saga by;

  • Stat Progression: You can gain stat progression by using the purchasable training equipment located at the Boxing Gym and or Local Gym. Both gyms have access to different training equipment which can allow you to gain stats faster. You can find equipment that you can wear to boost certain stats. They can be found in the training equipment category.
  • Job Progression: Job progression is quite simple; you can progress your job level/stats by repeatedly doing a certain job. It increases your proficiency/amount of money gained. You can find the available jobs in the quests category.
  • PvP Progression: PvP is quite difficult to get a hold of. Once you get a hang of it, it should be a lot easier to fight. The best way to progress in PvP at the moment is to go to the library and get the PvP Guide. In the book it teaches you a good amount of combat skills.
  • Style Progression: For Style Progression you will need to get your stats up. Each skill for styles will have a requirement for stats. Train to those stats and you’ll be able to learn the skill.

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Stat Bars

Your Stat Bars are separated into 3 sub-sections, those being, Health (HP), Hunger, and Stamina.

  • Health (HP): Your Health Bar will scale off of your defense stat, the higher your defense stat, the higher your health/durability. In order to increase your health stat you must use either the Sit Ups, Advanced Sit Ups, and or Calisthenics equipment.
  • Hunger: Your Hunger Bar will not scale off of anything, your hunger limit will always be the same whether you are maxed stats or fresh into the game. To restore your hunger bar, you must eat food from any shop located across the Tokyo Saga map.
  • Stamina: Your Stamina Bar will scale off of your speed stat, the higher your speed stat, the longer you are able to run along with being able to run faster. In order to increase your speed stat you must use either the Squats and or Jump Rope equipment.

Current Max Stats

Max Stats:

  • Strength 1700
  • Defense 2800
  • Speed 25
  • Stamina 600
  • Hit Speed 0.5 (The lower, the faster)

Max Job Levels: Clothes Sewing, Motor Repair, Baking, Mechanic 5.5

Muscle and Fat Guide

Fat and Muscle in Tokyo Saga

Muscle gives extra defense and extra strength. It only gives buffs and the max is Bigger. Fat gives strength, but you lose speed for more strength. The max is 120kg. Rice, Salad, and Chicken Salad make you lose weight. Other foods make you gain weight.

Being very thin like 40Kg gives you the benefits of being more agile but you will be weaker and do less damage when hitting.

Being normal weight like 70Kg or 80Kg doesn’t give you any buffs.

Being fat like 120Kg gives you the benefits of being stronger when hitting and being more resistant to hitting but makes you too slow to run and dash.

Muscles only give boost of extra strength and defense. Muscle levels are:

  • Skinny
  • Newbie
  • Normal
  • Stronger
  • Bigger

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Character Modes

Modes in Tokyo Saga

Obtainable Modes

Dark Impulse

Location: Beside hospital.

Requirements: 100 strength, 100 defense, 10 speed, and 50k¥.


  • +30 Strength
  • +5 Speed
  • +500 Health Regen

Note: You will lose 15 strength, 15 defense, and 5 speed, but you’ll be able to grind it back.

Dark impulses v2

Location: Right in front of mechanic quest.

Requirements: 250 Strength, 300 Defense, 12 Speed, and 100k¥.


  • +70 Strength
  • +8 Speed
  • +500 Health Regen

Note: You will lose 30 strength, 30 defense, and 7 speed, but you’ll be able to grind it back.

White Impulses

Location: In front of mall.

Requirements: 400 strength, 500 defense, 12 speed, and 200k¥.


  • +300 Strength
  • +20 Speed
  • +5000 Health Regen

Note: You will lose 50 defense, 50 strength, and 8 speed, but you’ll be able to grind it back.


Location: School roof.

Requirements: 400 strength, 500 defense, 12 speed, and 200k¥.


  • +500 strength.
  • +5 speed.

Note: You will lose 50 strength, 50 defense, and 8 speed, but you’ll be able to grind it back.

Rage V2

Location: Public Libary.

Requirements: 1000 defense, 1000 strength, 18 speed, and 500k¥.


  • +1000 Strength
  • +10 Speed

Note: You will lose 100 strength, 100 defense, and 10speed, but you’ll be able to grind it back.


Location: Public bathrooms.

Requirements: 500k¥, 1000 strength,1000 defense, and 18 speed.


  • +Regens 20 health per 0.2 seconds for 30 seconds

Note: You will lose 100 strength, 100 defense, and 10 speed, but you’ll be able to grind it back.

Exclusive Modes


Requirements: Tokita clan

Location: Hidden


  • +150 Strength
  • +20 speed
  • -0.05 hitspeed
  • +5000 health regen


Requirements: Kure clan

Location: Hidden


  • +350 strength
  • +15 speed
  • – 03 hitspeed
  • +5000 Health Regen


Requirements: Kawata Clan


  • +250 strength
  • +20 speed
  • +5000 Health Regen

Hanna Rage

Requirements: Hañna Clan


  • +600 strength
  • +10 speed

Unobtainable Modes



  • +400 Strength
  • +15 Speed
  • -0.05 Hitspeed
  • +5000 Health Regen

Tokyo Saga NPC

Interactive NPC

Style Reset NPC

  • Style Reset NPC
  • Location: Right next to Pizza and Local Gym
  • Requirement: 50000¥ to reset your style

Homeless Man

Just here for pity, feel free to donate him 10¥, good deeds may reward you in the future.

Bread NPC

  • Bread NPC
  • Location: All around the map
  • Requirement: 150¥ per bread.

Plastic Surgeon NPC

  • Plastic Surgeon NPC
  • Location: Inside of hospital.
  • Requirement: 7000¥ to remove scars.

Rice NPC

  • Plastic Surgeon NPC
  • Location: Next to hospital.
  • Requirement: 150¥ per rice.

Hotel NPC

  • Plastic Hotel NPC
  • Location: Near West Side store and Chicken Sisters.
  • Requirement: 4000¥ for a hotel room.

Style Trainer(s)

Style Trainers are npcs that can be found around the map in game. Some of them are in buildings, while some are outside.


  • Street Style
  • Location: Outside of School
  • Style Requirement: Non Style, 80 Strength, 70 Defense, 60 Stamina, and 5 speed.
  • First Skill Requirement: Street Style, 95 Strength, 90 Defense, 70 Stamina, and 9 speed.
  • Second Skill Requirement: Street Style, Stomach Kick Skill, 150 Strength, 130 Defense, 80 Stamina, and 12 speed.

Street Advanced

  • Street Advance Style
  • Location: Outside of school
  • Advanced Style Requirement: Street Style, Stomach Kick Skill, Strong Head Skill, 500 Strength, 475 Defense, 400 Stamina, and 17 speed.
  • Advanced First Skill Requirement: Advanced Street, 550 Strength, 550 Defense, 450 Stamina, and 19 speed.
  • Advanced Second Skill Requirement: Advanced Street, Dirty Kick Skill , 625 Strength, 625 Defense, 500 Stamina, and 20 speed.


  • JeetKuneDo Style
  • Location: Next to Moebius Base and Karate Style NPC.
  • Style Requirement: Non Style, 100 Strength, 70 Defense, 40 Stamina, and 8 speed.
  • First Skill Requirement: JeetKuneDo Style, 120 Strength, 80 Defense, 70 Stamina, and 10 speed.
  • Second Skill Requirement: JeetKuneDo Style, Side Kick Skill, 140 Strength, 95 Defense, 90 Stamina, and 12 speed.

Unobtainable/Limited Styles

Limited/Custom styles are styles that are unavailable or for specific players.

Boring Style

  • Boring Style
  • Location: Church Zone
  • Style Requirement: Non Style, 600 Strength, 600 Defense, 200 Stamina, and 17 speed.
  • First Skill Requirement: Boring Style, 750 Strength, 750 Defense, 350 Stamina, and 19 speed.
  • Second Skill Requirement: Boring Style, BackHand Punch Skill, 850 Strength, 850 Defense, 450 Stamina, and 23 speed.

Old Boxing

  • Old Boxing Style
  • Style Requirement: None Style, 95 Strength, 120 Defense, 95 Stamina, and 12 speed.
  • First Skill Requirement: Old Boxing Style, 125 Strength, 165 Defense, 120 Stamina, and 14 Speed.
  • Second Skill Requirement: Old Boxing Style, Goofy UpperCut Skill, 120 Strength, 80 Defense, 100 Stamina, and 12 speed.

Counter Style

Counter Style for Izana Kurokawa lore.

What are the rules of the Tokyo Saga game?

  1. If you’re a lore character, you will have to stay in your lore character’s gang, if you leave your lore character gang, your lore will be removed.
  2. Abusing bugs is not allowed.
  3. Not following ROBLOX ToS is not allowed.
  4. Don’t leave the game when being gripped (It bugs the player that is gripping you).
  5. Don’t stack modes (You can use a mode then use another when the first mode runs out but you’re not allowed to stack them)
  6. Fake titles aren’t allowed, if you already got an official title, you cannot change it, in order to get a new one, you have to win a tournament or a giveaway.
  7. Don’t use NPCs that reset your character when in combat.
  8. Inf carrying is not allowed (3min limit).
  9. Inf knocking is not allowed (4+ knocks is the limit)
  10. Roblox NSFW is not alllowed.
  11. Trying to move people out of safe zone is not allowed.
  12. Dodging/Blocking while gripping is not allowed.
  13. If you’re banned in-game, then you’re gonna get banned in the discord and other way around.

Banning in-game and in-discord only applies if the rule broken was severe, and not something like pinging owners.

Overall, this Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello board is a useful for players to stay up-to-date on news and updates. By using this Trello guide, you can get the most out of your experience.

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