Roblox Vania Classes Guide for beginners (2024)

Here in this Roblox Vania classes guide we will be exploring the historic universe of Vania to get the lowdown on the various classes available in the game.

So, grab your nibbles and settle in as we guide you through this breakdown of each class and their quirky talents.

Roblox Vania Classes Guide

The developers have launched the game’s public phase, and they did so with style. We’re happy to give you the lowdown on the classes that demand your attention. Among these classes are:

  • Sword: The classic blade-wielding warrior.
  • Dagger: Sleek and lethal, perfect for swift strikes.
  • Rapier: A finesse-driven class, ideal for precision.
  • Rifle: The marksman class for those who prefer to keep their distance.
  • Pistol: Similar to the rifle, yet with its own bag of tricks.
  • Great Sword: For those who favor robust, impactful strikes.
  • Great Axe: A brutish class with immense smashing potential.
  • Spear: A well-rounded class that strikes from a distance.
  • Alchemy Magic: Uses the elemental forces.

Clash of the Swords

Let’s begin with the Sword class. Use seamless five-hit combos and a critical attack that propels you forward to channel your inner knight. You’ll have a variety of talents at your control, including Blade Assault, Disarming Slash, Downward Rupture, Flourish, and clever Dropping Strike.

Dazzling Dagger Dance

If agility and finesse are more to your liking, turn your gaze to the Dagger class. A five-hit combo paired with a critical hit sets the stage for your swift and stealthy maneuvers. Abilities encompass Abdominal Thrust, Precision Thrust, Striking Advance, Fletch, Lunge, and Massive Kill.

Rifle Precision

This one is for you if you have a soft spot for rifles. A critical assault that fires a powerful shot and a five-shot combo allow you to unleash an outburst of firepower. Even though skills are still being developed, rifle class has a lot of firepower and range.

Pistol Powerplay

Pistol class doesn’t yet have any unique skills, the magical maneuvers are nevertheless very powerful. Tactical gameplay and those elegant pistol shots might make this class stand out.

Grandeur of the Great Sword

Are you drawn to powerful weapons? Perhaps The Great Sword is more your style. You will have a sizable advantage thanks to a five-hit combo and a critical strike with hyper-armor increase. Use Blade Assault, Disarming Slash, Downward Rupture, Flourish, and Dropping Strike to show off your abilities.

Dominance of the Great Axe

The five-hit combo and critical attack supported by hyper-armor make the Great Axe class very powerful. Use attacks like Red Assault, Disarming Slash, Downward Rupture, Flourish, Dropping Strike, and powerful Spine Crush to take on your competition.

Mighty Fists

The Fist class has you set if you like a hands-on approach. Release a powerful five-hit combo that includes a critical strike that propels you forward for more impact. For real close-quarters combat, master fist techniques like the Critical Blow, Hand Stun, Rising Fist, Burst Well, Furious Slam, and Bursting Kick.

Strategy of the Spear

Strategic combat more your vibe? Use the Spear class, offering a versatile range of maneuvers. A five-hit combo and a critical strike are your trusted allies, alongside skills like Abdominal Stab, Precision Thrust, Striking Advance, Fletch, Lunge, and Harsh Uprising.

Elemental Mastery – Alchemy Magic

Last but not least, if you fancy yourself a spellcaster, direct your focus towards the Alchemy Magic class. Release lightning, flames, ice, and more with spells like Lightning Spear, Flame Star, Shorter Rain, Ice Arrows, Isaac Geyser, Blind Sword, Chin Explosion, and Thunderclap.

And that’s it for now! A thorough overview of all the classes in Roblox Vania. The game has something for everyone, whether you choose to play as a sword-swinging warrior, a sneaky dagger virtuoso, a ranged expert, or a or a spell-casting conjurer.