Roblox Voxlblade Script Pastebin 2023 November

Roblox Voxlblade scripts will be your secret weapon to level up your game and unlock epic abilities. Our list features the most updated list of Voxlblade script, offering infinite health, auto farm, toggle sprinting, enemy ESP, and other amazing perks.

Just wanted to let you know that when it comes to using scripts for Voxlblade, there’s one thing you got to keep in mind. Some of them might not work anymore after a game update. So you better use them quickly!

Without ado, let’s start digging through all the scripts you can execute today. We will go through each script and give you the lowdown. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Roblox Voxlblade Scripts List

With these scripts, you can level up your game without lifting a finger! Just choose your favorite script executor and let it do the work for you. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to streamlined gameplay.

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Voxlblade Script #1

--Voxlblade Dupe

-- Reminder: You cant have 2 items with the same id on one account otherwise both items will get deleted (This might not be the same for stackable items)

1. Execute (The Player who gives the items)
2. Trade items to other player (Other player accepts)
3. Rejoin the server
4. Profit (Both Players should have the items)

getgenv().revert = false --turn this into true and re-execute incase you get a good item from opening presents


Voxlblade Script #2

local Core = getsenv(game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.PlayerScripts.Core.Core)
local RunFunc = debug.getupvalue(Core.CheckEventMusic, 1).Run

local Old
Old = hookfunction(RunFunc, newcclosure(function(Data)
   return Old(Data, true)

Voxlblade Script #3

-- Settings
-- Credits to Kiriot22 for the actual ESP
Keybind = "Insert"
DarkMode = true

-- Script
loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Voxlblade Script #4


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Roblox Voxlblade FAQs, Answered

Q: Are these scripts safe to use?

A: These scripts have been fully checked and proven to be safe. The scripts’ creators and promoters are not liable for any bad repercussions ensuing from their use. Before deploying any third-party scripts or tools, make a backup of your data.

Q: Do I need any special tool to use these scripts?

A: Yes, to use the Voxlblade Script, you’ll need to download a Roblox Script Executor such as Vega X, Synapse X, JJSploit, Hydrogen, etc. Make sure to choose a virus-free executor. Once you have the executor, start the game on Roblox. Then, while you’re in the game, launch the Script Executor. At last, copy-paste the working scripts to start using them.

Q: Can these scripts be used on any device?

A: You should be able to execute these scripts as long as your device can run Roblox. Some scripts for Voxlblade, however, may perform better on specific devices such as PC or Laptop.

Q: How often are these scripts updated?

A: To make sure all the Voxlblade scripts are compatible with the most latest version of the game, we do our best to update them on a constant basis. However, some scripts may stop functioning after a major game update, so we recommend checking back regularly.

I hope you find these Voxlblade scripts helpful. I would also like to hear from you! Post your ideas, requests, and remarks in the box below.

Please let me know if you run across any script problems or have any recommendations for making this list better.

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