Scripts for Don’t Move Roblox Game Pastebin March 2024

DON’T MOVE scripts are a staple of your walkthrough, being the easiest way to get straight to the fun — which most of the time means straight to the Auto AFK and of course Don’t Move.

For a full list of all scripts for DON’T MOVE Roblox game, you’ve come to the right page.

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Scripts for Don’t Move Game: All working from Pastebin in March 2024

What follows is a complete list of all DON’T MOVE script codes, and how to enter them on PC.

Don’t Move | Anti AFK | Click Bubble


To enter script commands in DON’T MOVE, you need to download an executor. Various Executors are available online, both free and paid. Some popular are Krnl, Hydrogen, etc. Follow the steps given below once you have downloaded an executor.

  • Open the Executor application and run the DON’T MOVE game in the background.
  • Copy the script from the list and paste it inside the input script section of your executor.
  • Click on the Run prompt to start the execution process.
  • After you see a success notification, the relevant auto features will be unlocked.


Don’t Move is a unique Roblox experience that tests your patience and ability to stay still. Your objective is to stand perfectly still for 30 minutes without moving at all. Sounds easy, right? Here’s the Twist:

  • AFK penalty: Roblox’s built-in AFK detection will kick you out after 20 minutes of inactivity, so you need to actively avoid going idle.
  • Micro-movements: Even the slightest twitch, jump, or camera movement can count as a violation, making the challenge even more intense.

If you are successful, here are some rewards that you will get:

  • Still Points: Earn points for each second you successfully stay still. These points can be used to purchase in-game items like:
  • Cosmetic accessories: Hats, hair, outfits, and more to customize your character.
  • Pets: Adorable companions that follow you around the map.
  • Eggs: Hatch them to unlock even more pets or cosmetic items.

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