Seas Battlegrounds Beginner Guide (Combos & Moves Wiki)

Here’s our initial Seas Battlegrounds beginner guide! We have covered everything from tips and tricks to optimal combos to small details in the game. If we have missed anything, make sure to comment it down below.

Seas Battlegrounds is a Roblox game based on the popular anime One Piece. Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro are among the anime characters that appear in the game. You have the option to take on the roles of these characters and fight in battle in a variety of areas.

Seas Battlegrounds Beginner Guide

Luffy in Seas Battlegrounds
Luffy in Seas Battlegrounds


  • First move: Pistol
  • Second move: Hwk Gatling
  • Third move: Red Hawk
  • Fourth move: Rocket

Optimal combo:

Barrage > Red Hawk/Rocket > Dash Attack > Repeat


  • First move: Spear of lightning
  • Second move: Slam
  • Third move: Bag Slam
  • Fourth move: Ultimate


  • Use Red Hawk and Rocket to extend combos.
  • Get close to your opponent when using Barrage.
  • Luffy’s Awakening is very powerful, but it requires you to die.
Sanji in Seas Battlegrounds
Sanji in Seas Battlegrounds


  • First move: Party Table
  • Second move: Mutton Shot
  • Third move: Drop Kick
  • Fourth move: Diable Jambe

Optimal combo:

Party Table > Dash Attack > Drop Kick > Diable Jambe


  • First move: Tornado Kick
  • Second move: Flame Kick
  • Third move: Concasse
  • Fourth move: Ultimate


  • Use Party Table to counter and combo start.
  • Sanji’s Awakening is very powerful and easy to use.
Zoro in Seas Battlegrounds
Zoro in Seas Battlegrounds


  • First move: Onigiri
  • Second move: Lion Song
  • Third move: Gomusuri
  • Fourth move: Arashi

Optimal combo:

Onigiri > Lion Song > Uptilt > Dash Away > Onigiri


  • First move: Dragon Twister
  • Second move: Asura
  • Third move: 3000 World
  • Fourth move: Ultimate


  • Use Arashi to combo extend.
  • Zoro’s Awakening is very powerful, but it requires you to have full Busoshoku Haki.


There are a lot of accessories you can buy via gold in the game. The smartest way to get gold in Seas Battlegrounds is to eliminate players in public servers. Elimination will give you 100 gold.

Other Gameplay Tips

  • Consider the way your opponent plays and modify your plan of attack accordingly. If they are aggressive, focus on defense and counterattacks. If they’re watchful, wait patiently and look for opportunities.
  • This game is really cool and you just need to appreciate some of their models.

I hope this guide has helped you learn everything you need to know about Seas Battlegrounds. The game is still very new, but it is already a lot of fun to play.

I recommend you join the official Seas Battlegrounds Trello & Discord to stay updated with new features and improvements!