Sisyphus Simulator Script Commands For Auto Hatch 2024

The world of Sisyphus Simulator challenges you to become stronger as a player. A few working scripts can simplify your gameplay while also adding something unique.

In Sisyphus Simulator, you lift weights to get stronger, push a stone to reach new worlds, and make your character bigger through rebirth.

Unlock secret pets by hatching eggs and exploring different worlds with unique challenges and gods. The game is all about overcoming obstacles and enduring them!

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What are Sisyphus Simulator scripts used for?

These scripts are primarily used to shape gameplay by giving you free access to hidden features in the Sisyphus Simulator game like Infinite Wins, Get Best Dumbell, Auto Click, Auto Rebirth, etc.

All Sisyphus Simulator Script Codes from Pastebin

So, here are all the scripts you can activate in Sisyphus Simulator:

AutoCraftAllPets | AutoHatchEggs


By ToraIsMe


How to use these script commands

  • You will need an executor to run these scripts. They act as software to input script code into applications.
  • Various Executors are available online, both free and paid. Some popular are Krnl, Hydrogen, etc.
  • To use a script in Roblox Sisyphus Simulator:
    1. Open the Executor application and run the game in the background.
    2. Copy the script from the list and attach it to the Executor.
    3. Click on the Execute button or other confirmation prompt on the Executor.
    4. The relevant auto features will be applied to the Roblox game.

Those are all the script codes you can use in the Roblox Sisyphus Simulator. For all things, Roblox, check out our other guides in our hub. Or, check out some of these:

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