How to get the Skateboard Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Finding it hard to get Skateboard Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X? Worry Not! You have come to the right place!

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. You simply have to follow the steps given in this guide, and you’ll be riding on the stylish Skateboard Mount in no time.

The Skateboard Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X is a favorite and valuable mount that helps you move fast on the ground. It’s perfect for quickly getting around. Although it can’t fly like some other mounts, it looks cool and is a highly desired mount.

Now, without ado, let’s get started!

Step 1: Visit the Dojo

To start your journey, head over to the Dojo in Anime Fighting Simulator X. The Dojo serves as the central training ground and gathering spot for players.

Step 2: Locate the Daily Quest Area

Once you’re inside the Dojo, make your way to the Daily Quest Area. This area is easily recognizable and can usually be found not too far from where you spawn. Look for quest icons or a sign indicating the Daily Quest Area’s location.

Step 3: Find Killa

Find Killa
By Clashiverse

In the Daily Quest Area, you’ll come across various characters offering quests. Look specifically for Killa, the character who will provide you with the quests to obtain the Skateboard Mount.

Step 4: Accept Killa’s Quests

Speak with Killa to accept his quests. He will present you with a series of tasks that you need to complete. These quests are not only fun challenges but also the path to earning the Skateboard Mount.

Step 5: Complete the Speed Quest

The first quest Killa gives you is to gain 500 speed increments. Training your speed is essential here, as it directly affects how quickly you can complete this task.

To increase your speed, you can train it diligently during your regular gameplay. Also, if you happen to have a speed champion, use it to boost your progress.

Step 6: Durability or Strength Quest

Killa can give you a durability or strength quest after you finish the speed quest. These tasks stress on your character’s strength or endurance. Make sure your strength and endurance stats are trained to be ready for any kind of situation.

Step 7: The Kill Quest

The kill quest is the last task Killa throws at you. To prove your combat skills in this task, you have to defeat a total of 10 opponents.

Player-versus-player fight can be challenging, but with patience and skill, you can finish this mission and get one more step closer to your Skateboard Mount.

Step 8: Congratulations, You’ve Got the Skateboard Mount!

Once you’ve successfully completed all of Killa’s quests, you will be rewarded with the Skateboard Mount.

That’s all for today! Follow these steps, complete Killa’s quests, and you’ll get Skateboard Mount.

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