Slayer Legend Spirits Guide & Tier List – Best Loadouts

Hey there, here is my new Slayer Legends Spirits guide. In this game, Spirits can help you strengthen attack power, increase both gold and experience acquisition amount. Strengthening spirits requires both enhancement cubes and a new resource “mana crystals” exclusive to a new dungeon “Forest of Circulation”.

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Slayer Legend Spirits Guide

If you collect 4 of the same spirit, you can evolve to the next level and when it reaches legendary it will have a unique skill effect. When you awaken a spirit, it increases that unique skill effect. You can have one partner spirit that its skill effect will be increased by 10%, and two accompanying spirits that you will benefit from their effects and skills as well. You level them up using enhancement cubes and spirit essence.

Slayer Legends Spirits Tier List

NameTierSkill NameEffect
SalaABreath of FireEvery 12 seconds after the start of the battle deal remaining 6-10% of hp. The % depends on the grade of your spirit.
ArkETime FreezeAfter 8 seconds from the start of the battle stop time for 1.6-5 seconds. Once per battle.
HerhDWind ForceSkill cooldown + 4-6% recovery every 10 seconds.
LoarSWilderness RoarIncrease skill damage to boss monsters by 10-80%.
MumSReignSkill damage 10-80% against normal monsters
ToddAGold Rumble10-80% chance of obtaining 2x gold whenever acquired.
ZappyCJudge’s TorpedoInstantly kills normal monsters with less than 14-30% HP.
RadonBLevelingIncreases damage dealt to enemies by 10-80% when the enemy’s HP is above 70%.
BoEWild heartTotal HP increased by 20-160%.
LugaAUnderstanding of the AbyssWhen gaining exp 10-80% chance for double exp.
KartCThief WindWhen attacking a normal monster for the first time, HP is reduced by 13-25%.
NoahSLast Fight5 seconds before the end of a battle increase your damage by 1.2-2X.

Best Spirits Loadout

This is under the assumption your spirit is maxed or a high level, although this works plenty fine starting out until you get there.

Boss Focused (Noah + Loar, and Sala)

Loar gives 80% overall more skill damage toward bosses. As you typically do the most damage at the end of the fight, the noah’s 5-second buff can be paired with rave and demon hunt combo to achieve a massive killing blow.

A typical boss fight is about 25 seconds which means Sala skills can be activated twice, which deals at most 20% of stage boss’s health. Even at level 1 it can deal at most 12% of boss’s health, you can see it as 12% more damage. It is chip damage and its position can be replaced with Herh.

The cooldown reduction is minimal but if that helps you achieve double demon hunt during a rave easier, feel free to go with Herh instead.

Farming Loadout (Mum, Radon, Zappy + Whale, Toad)

Mum is the MVP for stage clearing. Providing 80% more skill damage across the board. Radon is the first running up. Its skill provides 80% more damage toward normal enemies above 70% HP. Extremely useful in one-shotting packs with supersonic your ideal clear skills when you just need that little extra damage.

Zappy is better than cat in terms of damage and that’s ability combines with fulgurous can be antagonistic with Radon’s skill (putting the enemy below 70%). Note that Zappy and Cat can be decent mapper at level one since they have a high base damage, but they will slowly outcompete by mum and radon.

If you have enough damage, getting some extra resources is always nice. Todd’s or whale’s skill can be translated into 80% more gold/exp.

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