Best Firecrackers Fireworks Show Decks (2023)

What’s up everyone, today we are going to show you the best Clah Royale Firecrackers Fireworks Show Decks for Season 43 which starts from January 2023. If you want to be undefeated in the Firecrackers Fireworks Challenge then you should read this guide till the end.

So, without wasting any time let’s jump into the article.

Best Clash Royale Firecrackers Fireworks Show Decks

First we have this Royal Hogs deck for the Firecrackers Fireworks Challenge that is very hard to play and you can easily win by 9-0 margin. This deck is a little bit easier to pick up if you know how to play with Royal Hog. It only costs 3.1 Elixir to create this deck.

Royal Hogs Deck for Firecrackers Fireworks Challenge

Royal Hogs Deck for Firecrackers Fireworks Challenge

Now let us find out the list of troops that we will have in this deck:

  • Firecracker – Common
  • Earthquake – Rare
  • Goblins – Common
  • Ice Spirit – Common
  • Log – Legendary
  • Phoenix – Legendary
  • Monk – Champion
  • Royal Hogs – Rare

Game plan & Strategy

Firecracker: I find that it is best used as a support unit due to its quick movements but low hit points. It is especially effective at diverting enemy troops and taking out flying units such as Mega Minion. When using it, I like to use it to support a counter push with Royal Hogs leading from the front.

Earthquake: I find it to be very useful for damaging and knocking back enemy buildings and troops. It is particularly helpful for clearing out large groups of units or taking out Tesla Towers. When using it, I try to make sure that I have a good target in mind, as it can be a powerful spell for disrupting enemy defenses.

Goblins: When your opponent is low on Elixir they are great for taking out enemy towers quickly. They are also very cheap, which makes them a good choice for many defensive and attacking situations. To give them some extra protection, I like to pair them with a tankier unit like the Monk or Phoenix. In Firecrackers Fireworks Challenge they can focus on taking out enemy towers while the tankier unit absorbs damage from your opponents Firecracker.

Ice Spirit: For one Elixir it is an extremely cheap and low-hit point troop that can slow down and freeze enemy troops. I find it to be very useful for slowing enemy attacks and giving my other troops a chance to launch a counter. When using it, I try to time it so that it hits as many enemy troops as possible, as it can be very effective at slowing down their attack.

Log: It is another a low-cost spell in this deck that is very effective at deflecting and damaging enemy troops. I find it to be particularly useful against swarms of low-hit point units like Goblins and Skeletons. You can also use it in situations where your opponent tries to create a swarm of Firecrackers in the arena.

Phoenix: It is a flying unit that costs 4 Elixir. It has medium hit points and the unique ability to revive itself after being defeated. I find it to be very useful as a tanky unit to protect my Monk or Royal Hogs.

Monk: He is a Champion card, which is the rarest card type in the game. As a Champion, he provides moderate damage and acts as a solid tank. His ability, Pensive Protection, costs an additional elixir to activate, but it is reusable, which makes it a powerful tool in certain situations. When using the Monk, I try to make the most of his ability and use it wisely to give my troops an advantage in battle

Royal Hogs: Try using them to chip away at enemy towers while your other troops distract or defend. They are very effective when paired with other units that can absorb damage for them, such as the Phoenix or Goblins. I like to lead with them in a counter push, as they can be very effective at taking out enemy towers if they are not countered properly.

With these troops, you’ll want to focus on building a balanced and flexible deck that can adapt to different situations. Mix and match your troops to create synergies and take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses. Good luck!

Mega Knight Ram Rider Deck for Firecrackers Fireworks Challenge

Mega Knight Ram Rider Deck for Firecrackers Fireworks Challenge

This is more like a bait deck costing only 3.6 Elixir. Here are the list of troops in this deck:

  • Bats – Common
  • Goblin Gang – Common
  • Ice Golem – Rare
  • Inferno Dragon – Legendary
  • Mega Knight – Legendary
  • Poison – Epic
  • Ram Rider – Legendary
  • Giant Snowball – Common

Game plan & Strategy

Bats: They are a fast-moving, medium-hit point troop that are effective at taking out enemy towers or defending my own. They have low damage (81) but attack very quickly (1.3 seconds per attack). I like to use them to distract enemy troops while my other units attack, or to swarm enemy towers and take them down quickly.

Goblin Gang: They are a cheap (3 Elixir) fast-moving troop. I like to pair them with a tankier unit like the Ice Golem or Inferno Dragon to give them some extra protection, or to use them as a surprise attack to take out enemy towers.

Ice Golem: It is a tanky unit most useful in distracting enemy tanks. I mostly use it to buy time for my other troops to attack. I also like to use it to soak up damage for my other troops, or to tank damage for my towers.

Inferno Dragon: It is basically a moving Inferno Tower which is great for shutting down big win conditions like the Golem. It is cheaper in front of the tower to counter air units. I find it to be super effective against the Royal Giant and some Balloon decks.

Mega Knight: With its ability to do jump damage I find it super effective against enemy buildings and even enemy swarms. The plus point of this troop is that when it is closer to the river it can jump onto the support enemy troop positioned on the other side.

Poison: This spell is very effective when facing an enemy that has a Mortar or X-bow deck. Super effective against enemy buildings or aerial troops.

Ram Rider: The biggest wind condition in this deck is the Ram Rider. She’s strong on offense and stronger on defense. Use her to halt charging troops, fast troops, or even another Ram Rider. Although she targets three troops at a time, she does not deal splash damage, so back her up with your Poison spell or splash attackers. You can use her on offense in a combination with a decent amount of win conditions to not only add in damage, but to stall enemy troops too

Giant Snowball: I mostly use the snowball for crowd control as it can send back lighter troops and slow down troops in a group. Using a prediction snowball can help clear the way for your attacking Ram Rider.

Overall, my game plan with these cards is to take advantage of my opponent’s weaknesses, and I try to use my Poison and Giant Snowball wisely to disrupt enemy attacks and set up my own.

With that I conclude this guide. Just remember that having a well-rounded and flexible deck is crucial for success in Clash Royale Firecrackers Fireworks Show Challenge.

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