Roblox Stasis Game Discord & Trello Page Wiki (2024)

Stuck in the pixelated labyrinth of the brand-new Stasis game on Roblox? Introducing the updated Stasis Discord and Trello Board — your game-changing antidote.

Stasis is a pixel RPG released by Stasis Group that combines open exploration and dungeon crawling. Drawing inspiration from various games, it stays true to its roots as a Cube Cavern adventure. Explore various landscapes, battle through dungeons, and experience a game that pays homage to retro dungeon-crawling games, all within its pixelated charm.

You can stay in the loop on all things Stasis by joining the official Trello and Discord servers. Get the 411 on updates, connect with the Stasis family, and share your tips and strategies.

Roblox Stasis Discord & Trello Sources

Checked these sources myself, and they’re legit. Dive in and check out the official Stasis Discord and Trello board.

Official TrelloStasis Trello (Official & Verified)
Official DiscordStasis Discord
Official Roblox game pageStasis
Official Roblox groupStasis Group
Beginner GuideStasis guide
Farm CoinsStasis Coins guide
Food and Recipes ListStatis Food Guide

Roblox Stasis Game Trello Credits

  • Details are given by StarlightSoaph and SillySylveon76
  • Thank you to CreeperBonGamesStarlightSoaph, and SOSUPREME21 for providing the missing information.
  • Thank you to Werben, Alaskaopg, archretsu, powerfulshadownightJorgeTorres1013, and oh_okthenn for actively working on the Trello and being a cool people.
  • Thank you to owningnoobs76 for providing accurate images of enemy info
  • Thank you to JorgeTorres1013 for creating the drawn icons used in the Trello.

Roblox Stasis FAQs, Answered

What is Trello, and how does it relate to Stasis?

Trello is like a digital HQ for devs, keeping things on point. You can find all things Stasis – updates, news, and sneak peeks at what’s cooking behind the scenes.

It’s the go-to spot for the lowdown on the game.

Is the Trello board regularly updated?

Yes, the Stasis Trello board is updated all the time to keep the community in the loop on how the game is coming along.

What can I do on the Stasis Discord server?

You can chat with friends, hang out with other players, get help, attend events, and stay updated on the most recent information from the developers on the official Stasis Discord server.

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