Stellar Blade releasing in 2024, confirmed by PlayStation

Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer SHIFT UP have officially rerouted the launch trajectory of their highly anticipated action-adventure game, Stellar Blade.

Originally slated for a 2023 release, the stylish hack-and-slash has now been pushed back to 2024, exclusively on PlayStation 5, according to the new PlayStation Blog.

When is Stellar Blade out?

This news, tucked away in a recent PlayStation Blog post, comes after months of tantalizing glimpses into the game’s world. Whispers suggest a potential Q2 release, but the developers have yet to confirm a narrower window. Regardless of the wait, one thing is clear: Stellar Blade is a game worth savouring!

Stellar Blade creates something entirely new by combining sharp action with stunning visuals and an intelligent narrative. In this game, players take on the role of Eve, a fierce warrior battling the monstrous Naytibas in an off-world colony as humanity clings to survival. The stunning visuals in the new trailer imply that the game will be more than just button-mashing alien bashing.

Although the journey may have extended into 2024, the wait feels less like a disappointment and more like a promise of something truly unforgettable.