Sword Blox Online Rebirth Trello & Discord Links 2024

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Published by “[SBO:R]“, Sword Blox Online: Rebirth is a continuation of the popular online Roblox game Sword Blox Online. Set in a virtual world of swords, you will have to compete in a knockout game until all floors are cleared. The game will challenge you to become the strongest player as you survive the dangers of each floor. With thousands of players trapped online, it is up to you to rise to the top and conquer the world.

Sword Blox Online Rebirth Trello Page

The Trello board for Sword Blox Online Rebirth is a collaborative board that allows the development team to share information about the game’s progress with the gaming community. Normally game updates, bug fixes, promo codes, and development progress is being published on Trello. Some developers also accept suggestions, ideas, feedback from the community using the Trello board.

Trello for the game was made to act as a wiki for all the players who want more information. Trello boards will include all the information available concerning the game, and will also be updated by developers from time to time.

Sword Blox Online Rebirth Trello Link

Get instant access to the Sword Blox Online Rebirth Trello board and its contents by going through the link below.

Trello boards can be accessed without an account, giving you the freedom to enjoy its content without any login barriers.

Sword Blox Online Rebirth Discord

Looking to be more connected to the Sword Blox Online Rebirth community? Look no further than the Sword Blox Online Rebirth Discord server. There are a variety of dedicated channels where players discuss all aspects of the game.

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