Tales of Gallant Gift Codes List – Working Today

Tales of Gallant is the new mobile game where you can play as a young ninja on a quest to fulfill your destiny. But what if that destiny is to be the best ninja ever? Or to eat all the ramen in the world? Or to find the perfect pair of ninja socks? The possibilities are endless!

The game features classic ninja techniques, legendary Jonin characters, and bosses to fight. So, you can train to be the best ninja you can be, and then defeat all the bad guys.

But what if you want to speed up your progress? What if you want to become the most powerful ninja in the village as quickly as possible? Well, that’s where the latest Tales of Gallant gift codes come in! These codes will give you a ton of free rewards, including ninja shards, resources, and more.

Here’s a complete list of codes for Tales of Gallant that can be redeemed in April 2024:

Tales of Gallant Gift Codes

  • VIP6666 – Redeem this code for Blood Jade, Hero Shard, etc
  • VIP7777 – Redeem this code for Blood Jade, Hero Shard, etc
  • VIP8888 – Redeem this code for Blood Jade, Hero Shard, etc

Please Note: Tales of Gallant gift codes have limited validity, so redeem them quickly!

Tales of Gallant FAQs

How to redeem codes in Tales of Gallant?

If you are ready to redeem your codes and unlock a world of endless rewards? Check out he steps below:

  • Just fire up the game on your mobile, hit the Avatar icon.
  • From there, tap on Exchange Code button.
  • Simply input your code in the text box and hit Confirm.

Your well-deserved loot will be in your hands in no time. It’s that simple – enter a code, claim your rewards, and enjoy the spoils!

When will new codes for Tales of Gallant be released?

That’s a tough question. The game developer hasn’t released a schedule for new code releases, so it’s hard to say for sure. But I can tell you this: they’re usually released on special occasions, like holidays, anniversaries, and major updates.

So, if you’re looking for new Tales of Gallant codes, be sure to keep an eye on the game’s social media pages and website. And don’t forget to check back here regularly, too. I’ll do my best to keep this list updated with the latest codes.

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