Team Fortress 2 Summer Update Rumored for Late June Release

Excitement is building among Team Fortress 2 fans as whispers circulate about the long-awaited Summer Update, reportedly scheduled to hit the game on the 29th or 30th of June 2023.

One of the key highlights leading up to this potential update is the discovery of a map named “Sharkbay.” Found on the Steam Community Workshop, the map briefly appeared with a temporary “accepted for use” label before being swiftly taken down. However, it was later made public again, but this time without the reassuring green tick.

Sharkbay is a captivating king of the hill map, characterized by its port setting teeming with sharks. Players will engage in intense battles, working alongside their teammates to capture the point and seize control of the ship situated in the heart of the map. The map boasts impressive performance, ensuring a smooth and immersive gaming experience. Its unique design and layout provide players with a new perspective on the classic king of the hill game mode. And, yes, sharks play a significant role in this dynamic battleground.

The Steam Community Workshop post also praised the creators of Sharkbay for their exceptional contributions to the map. “Krazy” is credited with designing the ship model, “Zeus” crafted the shark cage model, and “Cig0073” developed the first shark model. “Da Spud Lord” provided the essential func_croc logic for the shark’s jump attack, while “Lo-fi Longcat” designed the Sharkbay logo.

“Yaki’s” custom water texture seamlessly solved the skybox issue, and “Toopliss” and “Tianes” offered valuable feedback and assistance. Suna also contributed with feedback and support during the map’s development. The map owes its success to the collaborative efforts of these talented individuals, as well as the entire community who provided feedback and played the map.

Excitement for the upcoming update doesn’t stop there. Cipherlock, a prominent figure on YouTube, recently hinted at more leaks to come regarding the summer update. In a video available on his YouTube channel, Cipherlock discusses the forthcoming update and shares intriguing insights with the Team Fortress 2 community.

As the update draws closer, map makers have reportedly received early notifications via email about the acceptance of their maps. This early communication adds to the mounting anticipation surrounding the summer update.

While details about the new items and other features of the update remain unknown, item information leaks have yet to surface. Fans will have to patiently wait for further official announcements or leaks from reliable sources to learn more about what the Team Fortress 2 Summer Update has in store.

Players can’t help but speculate as the clock ticks down to the release of the Team Fortress 2 Summer Update and excitedly anticipate the arrival of fun new features.

Will the rumor be true about the update? Time will only tell.

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