The Tale of Food Character Tier List for February 2024

Are you a beginner player in The Tale of Food game hoping to strengthen your tactics and dominate the competition? Then you must pay attention to our tier list!

With over 100 cute and unique characters, it can be overwhelming to know which ones to prioritize in battle. That’s where our The Tale of Food character tier list comes in. We examined each character’s skills, traits, and boundaries in order to create a valid ranking system.

Our tier list will help you guide your choice and increase your chances of success whether you’re looking for the top tanks, healers, damage dealers, or support role characters.

Keep reading to learn more about our tier list and how it can improve your gameplay.

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The Tale of Food Character Tier List

Starting with the best characters in The Tale of Food that are essential in every battle, we’ll move on to the lower levels.

The Tale of Food Tier List – TIER S

  • Gold Chicken Shred
  • Longjing Shrimp
  • Peking Duck
  • Dezhou Chicken
  • Buddha’s Temptation
  • Eight Immortals
  • Candied Gingko Nuts

The Tale of Food Tier List – TIER A

  • Squirrel Fish
  • Sweet ‘n Sour Pork
  • Beggar’s Chicken
  • Claypot Rice
  • Shredded Jerky
  • Lianhua Blood Duck
  • Suckling Pig Roast
  • Yipin Pot
  • West Lake Fish
  • Hangzhou Noodles

The Tale of Food Tier List – TIER B

  • Taichi Taro Paste
  • Mugwort Riceball
  • Lamb Paomo
  • Mapo Tofu
  • Dinghu’s Veggie
  • Fuli Chicken
  • Yangzhou Rice
  • Honey Char-Siu
  • Dragon Beard Candy
  • Geely Shrimp
  • Stinky Perch
  • Rolling Donkey
  • Candied Hawthorn
  • Spring Roll
  • Cured Meat Platter

The Tale of Food Tier List – TIER C

  • Swallow Bun
  • Oyster Omelette
  • Crab-roe Soup Bun
  • Braised Pork Hock
  • Dumpling
  • Dragon Beard Candy
  • Four-Joy Meatballs
  • Spicy Diced Chicken
  • Harbin Fried Pork
  • Chili Fishhead
  • Har-gow
  • Chicken-Shroom Pot
  • Dongpo Pork

Before we finish, let’s go through some frequently asked questions regarding this The Tale of Food tier list.

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The Tale of Food Tier List FAQs

Why should I use the character tier list?

The Tale of Food tier list is a useful tool for players who want to make best decisions when choosing characters for battles. You can boost your odds of winning battles and your gameplay experience in general by using the tier list.

Can characters move up or down tiers over time?

Yes, the tier list is always changing as new characters are introduced and the balance is updated by developers. We will update our tier list accordingly to reflect any changes in character performance.

Should I focus evenly levelling up all of my characters or just my top-tier ones?

Generally speaking, it is wise to prioritize levelling up your top-tier characters first because they will be more efficient in battles. Keep in mind that having a diverse team is still crucial, so don’t completely disregard your lower-tier characters.

Do you agree with our rankings? Did we miss any character that you think should be included? Do you have any questions about their abilities?

Please share your questions or opinions in the box provided below. Your feedback can greatly help other players understand the subtleties of the game better.