Tiny Rogues All Achievements Guide for Beginners

This Tiny Rogues achievements guide will walk you through methods in order to obtain all achievements in the new patch. As this game is very new, the methods, and achievements themselves are subject to frequently change.

NOTE: This guide will be littered with spoilers. Peruse at your own risk.

Matter of Course Achievements

These achievements will likely be obtained along the way of obtaining more difficult ones. Feel free to come back to these later down the line if you still haven’t gotten them.


Mastery / Paragon

Mastery/Paragon experience are gained by defeating bosses. You can gain an additional multiplier to your Mastery/Paragon experience by playing with Cinder modifiers, up to 260%.

  • Running Up That Hill — Mastery Level 10.
  • Can’t Stop — Mastery Level 20.
  • It’s My Life — Mastery Level 30.
  • In Too Deep — Paragon Level 25.
  • Maniac — Paragon Level 50.


You will have to kill Death several times to earn all achievements. NOTE: You don’t have to finish a run (i.e.,) to have these achievements pop.

  • (Don’t Fear) The Reaper — Defeat Death.
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls — Defeat Death with 5 different classes.
  • With or Without You — Defeat Death with 17 different classes.
  • Don’t You (Forget About Me) — Defeat Death with every class.

During the Run

These achievements must be done during the run, most of which are cumulative or will happen if you’re playing the game.

Player Actions

  • Drink — Take a sip from your health flask.
  • Hotel California — Stay at the Tavern.

Cumulative Achievements

A Secret Place

Find and uncover 3 secret rooms.

This can be made easier with the “Treasure Hunter” mastery perk (highlights secret rooms with white sparkles).

Money for Nothing

Sell a combined total worth of 500G to the Pawn Shop.

Although unnecessary, this can be made easier with the “Bulk Seller” mastery perk (With each consecutive item sold at the Pawn Shop, the following item sells for +1 gold up to a maximum of +10).

  • The Gambler — Use 50 or more total dice.

Although unnecessary, this can be made easier with the “Red Roulette”, “Ethereal Roulette”, or “Golden Roulette” master perks, all of which add additional dice to dice rewards, as well as taking the Dice Case starting gift.

  • If you want Blood (You’ve Got It) — Sacrifice a total of 10 hearts.
  • Don’t Stop Believin’ — Activate a total of 10 different set bonuses.

World Exploration

I obtained all of these achievements fairly quickly through simply playing the game. I wouldn’t worry about these unless for some reason you’ve never visited a particular world / floor by the endgame, which is extremely unlikely.

World 1

  • Born to Lose: Defeat all world 1 floor 1 bosses.
  • Master of Puppets: Defeat all world 1 floor 2 bosses.
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Defeat all world 1 floor 3 bosses.
  • Thriller: Defeat all world 1 floor 4 bosses.
  • Have you Ever Seen the Rain: Defeat all world 1 floor 5 bosses.
  • Smoke on the Water: Defeat all world 1 floor 6 bosses.
  • Through the Fire and Flames: Defeat all world 1 floor 7 bosses.
  • Losing my Religion: Defeat all world 1 floor 8 bosses.
  • Down Under: Defeat all floor 1 world 9 bosses.

World 2

  • Magical Mystery Tour: Defeat all world 2 floor 1 bosses.
  • T.N.T.: Defeat all world 2 floor 2 bosses.
  • Maneater: Defeat all world 2 floor 3 bosses.
  • Toxicity: Defeat all world 2 floor 4 bosses.
  • The Trooper: Defeat all world 2 floor 5 bosses.
  • Another Brick in the Wall: Defeat all world 2 floor 6 bosses.
  • Trapped Under Ice: Defeat all world 2 floor 7 bosses.
  • War Pigs: Defeat all world 2 floor 8 bosses.
  • Otherside: Defeat all world 2 floor 9 bosses.

Particular Achievements — Part 1

The following achievements will likely be more difficult and require either to go beyond Death (i.e. ascend to a throne, kill Geryon, Primal Death, Tiamat, Amon, Bahamut, or Eden) or focus on a specific class, mechanic, or stat in order to complete.

World Objectives

Throughout Tiny Rogues, you will receive quests to enable meta-progression. These achievements may be tied to other achievements, and will be marked as such when applicable.

Whats Up

Complete “Brave the Unknown.” You should obtain this after your first run.

Around the World

Complete “A New Dawn.” Defeat Death. Should pop once you obtain “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” in a run.

Here I Go Again

Complete “Beyond Tomorrow.” Defeat Death with 5 different classes. Should pop once you obtain “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in a run.

Bring me to Life

Complete “Echoes of the Forgotten.” Defeat the guardian of the shadow planes, Geryon. You will not be able to beat Geryon and Primal Death on your first attempt.

Back in Black

Complete “The End?” Defeat Primal Death. Requires 4+ Lawful alignment (3+ with the “Throne Quest” mastery perk). You will not be able to beat Geryon and Primal Death on your first attempt.

Should pop once you obtain “Angel of Death” and consequently “Long Way to the Top” in a run.

Hells Bells

Complete “Whispers of Brimstone.” Defeat the guardian of the burning hells, Tiamat. You will not be able to beat Tiamat and Amon on your first attempt.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Complete “Visions of Starlight.” Defeat the guardian of the high heavens, Bahamut. You will not be able to beat Bahamut and Eden on your first attempt.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Complete “The Pact.” Sit on both the celestial and infernal thrones. This will pop once you have obtained both “Paradise City” and “Sympathy for the Devil”.

Finishing Runs

Depending on where you are at in your World Objectives, you will unlock additional floors to explore. These achievements are tied to either stepping into, defeating bosses in, or passing certain thresholds while within said additional floors.

Angel of Death

Defeat Primal Death.

Long Way to the Top

Ascend the Primordial Throne. Requires beating Primal Death in Shadow Planes 2.

Enter the Shadow Planes with +5 Lawful alignment.

Highway to Hell

Enter the Burning Hells.

Sympathy for the Devil

Ascend the Infernal Throne. Requires beating Amon in Burning Hells 2.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Enter the Burning Hells 2 with an alignment of -5 Evil.

Stairway to Heaven

Enter the High Heavens.

Paradise City

Ascend the CelestialThrone. Requires beating Eden in High Heavens 2.

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Enter the High Heavens 2 with an alignment of +5 Good.

Souls of Cinder

The game can be optionally made harder with the use of Cinder modifiers. These achievements are tied to beating Death with a certain number of Cinder modifiers on.

  • No Easy Way Out — Defeat Death at Cinder 4.
  • No Easy Way Out — Defeat Death at Cinder 8.
  • Edge of Seventeen — Defeat Death at Cinder 16.

The Chain

Reach a Cinder Sum Streak of 32 or higher. This means you have to beat 2 runs in a row at Cinder 16, 4 runs in a row at Cinder 8, etc. Doesn’t matter how you skin it, as long as it reaches 32. You can keep track of your streak in the Cinder menu at the bonfire.

Particular Achievements — Part 2

The Death Gauntlet

These are all the achievements that involve beating death under certain criteria. Some are restrictions, others are as a result of a certain build. When applicable, a recommended build will be listed under the given achievement.

Some of these achievements can and will be easier with the Superhero class. Consider unlocking Super Hero (Ascend the celestial throne as the Hero) to help with run consistency.

  • I’m Still Standing — Survive a fight against death with 1 heart or less.
  • We are the Champions — Unlock all character classes.
  • House of the Rising Sun — Defeat Death as the Gunslinger.


Defeat Death in under 25 minutes. The Compass starting gift cuts one room from each floor, so that will help greatly with saving time. I happened to get this while trying to obtain “U Can’t Touch This” with the Superhero, so they might be a viable class for completion.

Material Girl

Open a chest with 100%+ magic find. I accomplished this while using the Magus set (Magus Hat, Magus Amulet) that has a set bonus of +100% magic find. The Legendary Companion Lost Treasure can also accomplish this.

Iron Man

Defeat Death as the Deprived while having at least 10 curse. This can be difficult, but there are a couple of items that can play off of curse that you will likely find along the way:

  • Abyss Cloak [Epic Body Armor] – +3 Curse. Grants a corruption aura. Somewhat heavy, but can help bridge the gap if for some reason you’re not finding as many cursed rooms.
  • Cursebite Ring [Rare Accessory] – Grants 10% increased damage per Curse stack.
  • Emblem of Balance [Epic Accessory] – Luck and Curse are equal to the greater of the two. May help enable damage output from lucky hits to offset curse.
  • Sin Bible [Epic Magic / Bible Weapon] – Gains 10% attack speed per Curse Stack (up to 100%).
  • Sin Treads [Epic Boots] – Grants 10% increased movement speed per Curse stack (up to 100%).

Holding out for a Hero

Fully repair the broken hero sword. For quick gold, you could go Bandit (gold per encounter) or Superhero (“infinite” gold trait). You need both a) Mithril for Broken -> Hero, and b) a -flex metal for Hero. They should both pop up as room options as you’re exploring.

Stand on Your Own

Defeat Death without using any Mastery Perks.

Gimme Chocolate!!

Defeat Death while having at least 50 Intelligence. I accomplished this playing the Sorcerer, however it would probably be easier to start with Superhero and take the +30 Intelligence trait.

Gonna Fly Now

Defeat Death while having at least 50 Strength. I accomplished this with the Barbarian, however it would probably be easier to start with Superhero and take the +30 Strength trait.

U Can’t Touch This

Defeat Death while having at least 50 Dexterity. Start with Superhero and take the +30 Dexterity trait.

The Bad Touch.

Defeat Death while having at least 4 different infusion buffs active. It may be possible to save 4 resins the entire run, however the “Transcendence” trait (make infusion buffs permanent) is probably your best bet for this.

With a Little Help from my Friends.

Defeat Death while having at least 10 active companions at the same time. Probably easiest with either the Druid (free companions from Druid Shrines) or the Necromancer (free companions worth .3 each). The Conjurer and Puppeteer sets work nicely towards a pure companion build.

Breaking the Law

Defeat Death with a +7 Weapon. Cyborg has a special trait that grants +3 to upgrade level. As far as I know, this is doable with a gun and a visit to the Black Market. One merchant can sell Super Illegal Gun Parts (gets you to +5), then you can utilize a combo of methods to get to +7:

  • Wedding Ring [Set Accessory] – Adds +1 to weapon upgrade level.
  • Stone Gauntlets [Epic Gloves] – Adds +2 to upgrade level of two-handed weapons.
  • Firebird Charm [Epic Charm] – Adds +1 to fire weapon upgrade level.
  • Snowbird Charm [Epic Charm] – Adds +1 to ice weapon upgrade level.
  • Thunderbird Charm [Epic Charm] – Adds +1 to thunder weapon upgrade level.
  • Enigma Armor [Legendary Armor] – Adds +2 to weapon upgrade level.
  • Hero Charm [Legendary Charm] – Adds +1 to weapon upgrade level. Obtainable from the Frog Princess event on World 2 Floor 3 (Swamp).

An alternative method would be to find the Leviathan Axe early (easy, I’m sure) and upgrade it afer every boss. It can upgrade multiple times.

Never Too Much.

Defeat Death while having at least 10 luck. Super Hero, get Super Luck for +10 luck.

The Hero (not Super) can get pretty close, having an innate +1 luck based on how Good you are. You can buy 10 things from Good Shops (unlocked after finishing the world objective “Visions of Starlight.” There are also other ways of obtaining luck:

  • Cultist Altar Event – Found on World 1 Floor 2 (Graveyard). Random chance of +1 luck among other core stats after damaging self.
  • Golden Monkey Event – Found on World 1 Floor 3 (Jungle). +1 luck and +1 curse.
  • Wishing Well Event – Found on World 1 Floor 4 (Castle). +1 luck if you have gold.
  • Beacon Event – Found on World 1 Floor 9 (Abyss?). +1 revive and +1 luck.
  • Leprechaun Set – +3 luck
  • Clover Charm [Epic Charm] – +1 luck.
  • Clover Pendant [Rare Accessory] – +1 luck.
  • Solved Rubiks Cube [Uncommon Accessory] – +1 luck.
  • Ladybug Helmet [Rare Helmet] – +1 luck.

Also could be done while attempting the “Iron Man” achievement if you have Emblem of Balance and 10 Curse.

Rainbow in the Dark

Defeat Death while having at least 3 auras. Auras are intelligence-based perks (Burn, Poison, Shock), and there are items that grant auras like the Abyss Cloak [Epic Body Armor] and the Holy Armor [Epic Body Armor].

Where is my Mind?

Defeat Death with 10 different Doppleganger variations.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot.

Defeat Death with 500%+ critical hit damage. I accomplished this playing as the Superhero, taking the +30 strength trait, then the Barbarism trait (+5% critical hit multiplier per point of strength). The Golden Skean [Rare Melee / Dagger Weapon] doubles its critical hit multiplier, and may be worth considering.

Take on Me.

Progress to and Defeat Death while never attacking an enemy with a weapon (Tip: Turn off Auto Equip). Cyborg and Monk can make great unarmed builds, and there are several body damage based traits that can help. Higher scaling from unarmed attacks is based on rarity of gloves, but can change stat based on the specific piece of equipment.

Crazy Train.

Play as Chaos and have 2 strength traits, 2 dexterity traits, and 2 intelligence traits.

The Alchemist.

Defeat Death while having at least 9 different potion buffs active. Play as the Alchemist and build towards Intelligence to get the Mageblood perk. The Alchemist will generate potions over time, and has unique potions on top of the ones you can find from room rewards.

Have a Drink on Me.

Defeat Death while having at least 5 different booze buffs active. You will need the Boozer trait to keep Booze buffs unless you want to carry 5 different boozes the whole way to Death. You can up your tipsiness with cheese found from Consumable rewards, the Santa NPC in the Tavern’s gift boxes, or the Mouse Traps event in World 2 Floor 5.