Top 7 Elsa Bloodstone Decks in Marvel SNAP

There have been a ton of decks in Marvel SNAP lately, but none have exactly gotten the community’s attention like Elsa Bloodstone decks. She is now among the most well-liked and successful cards in the game, and with good reason. She is a flexible choice that can be used in many different decks, and, in the proper hands, she has the potential to be very powerful.

In this post, we’ll cover the top seven Elsa Bloodstone decks currently ruling the Marvel SNAP scene. These decks are all very different from one another, yet they all make excellent use of Elsa Bloodstone.

Elsa Bloodstone in Marvel SNAP
Elsa Bloodstone

Top 7 Elsa Bloodstone Decks in Marvel SNAP

If you’re looking to take your Marvel SNAP game to the next level, I highly recommend checking out one of these Elsa Bloodstone decks. You won’t be disappointed!

1) Blood Glennystone

Blood Glennystone deck
Blood Glennystone Deck

The deck is named after Glenn Jones, the chief game designer of Marvel SNAP at Second Dinner. It has established itself as a steadfast favorite of mine and has one of the Elsa Bloodstone decks with the highest win percentages.

It uses various different cards, including Wasp, Yellowjacket, Mysterio, and of course, Elsa Bloodstone herself. The addition of Elsa Bloodstone to this mix not only fortifies your locations but also amplifies the abilities of your allies, particularly Kitty Pryde

The goal of the deck is to fill all three locations with cards, which will buff up Elsa Bloodstone and give you a huge advantage.

2) Bloody Shuri

Bloody Shuri deck
Bloody Shuri Deck

This deck uses Shuri and Hulk Buster to create massive Shuri cards. Elsa Bloodstone can then buff up these cards, making them even more powerful. This deck is also very good at dealing with enemy Kitty Pryde, thanks to the Hulk Buster.

This deck has a 60% win rate and also features the deadliest Elsa-Vision combination.

3) Blood Bounce

Blood Bounce deck
Blood Bounce Deck

I’ve been playing a lot of Blood Bounce decks lately, and I’m really enjoying them. They’re a great way to get Elsa Bloodstone on the board early and often. This deck uses Beast and Iron Man to bounce cards back to your hand. This allows you to refill your hand and play Elsa Bloodstone over and over again.

The Iron Man Splash, combined with America Chavez, forms a robust core that complements the power packed Mysterio play. With Beast’s support and the flexibility of Kitty Pryde, this deck allows for both vertical and horizontal expansion, presenting you with numerous winning strategies.

4) Bloody Control

Bloody Control Deck
Bloody Control Deck

A dark horse with a 62% win rate, this deck is a control deck that uses cards like Shadow King and Mobius to disrupt your opponent’s plans. Elsa Bloodstone can then help you to finish off your opponent with her high power.

By integrating a Sera-style control list with Elsa and Kitty Pryde, you can counter any opponent strategy easily.

5) Blood Flood

Blood Flood Deck
Blood Flood Deck

This deck emphasizes the recently buffed Mojo and the powerful synergies between America Chavez and Elsa Bloodstone. This deck is a flood deck that uses cards like Ant-Man and Blue Marvel to fill the board with cards.

Elsa can then buff up these cards, making them very difficult for your opponent to deal with. With a respectable 62% win rate, this deck is super aggressive, and your opponent’s will struggle to cope up with it.

6) Bloody Brood

Bloody Brood Deck
Bloody Brood Deck

It’s a twist on the classic Brood deck that mainly uses Invisible Woman and Killmonger. This gives the deck a unique ability to execute powerful board wipes, but it requires careful planning to protect your own units, especially Kitty Pryde.

I’ve found that the key to playing this deck is to be patient and wait for the right opportunity to strike. Once you have Invisible Woman and Killmonger in your hand, you can play them together to wipe out your opponent’s board.

However, you need to be careful not to play Kitty Pride on the same turn, or she’ll be destroyed too.

7) Blood Patriot

Blood Patriot Deck
Blood Patriot Deck

Surprisingly powerful, this deck uses Patriot and Mystique to buff up all of your cards. Elsa Bloodstone can then benefit from this buff, making her even more powerful.

Another key card in the deck is Valkyrie. Valkyrie can be used to buff your other cards, even if they’re already buffed by Patriot. This deck shines with a commendable 61% win rate, proving its mettle in the current meta.

These are just a few of the many different Elsa Bloodstone decks that are out there. If you’re looking for a new deck to try, or if you’re just curious about what’s popular, I encourage you to check out some of these decks.

They’re all a lot of fun to play, and they can be very competitive.

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