Top Troops Tier List Wiki December 2023 – Best Heroes Guide

Hello there! Today we got you the new Top Troops tier list. This tier list will help you in selecting the best heroes for your battles regardless of your skill level. In this guide, we have ranked the most powerful heroes so you can easily dominate the opposition.

Top Troops is a popular mobile strategy game with millions of active players. In this game, players will build and lead armies into battles against other players, and the result of each battle is determined by proper strategy and tactics. With so many different kinds of troops to pick from, deciding what to add in your army might be confusing. So, this Top Troops tier list can help you solve this confusion.

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Top Troops Tier List Guide

S Tier Heroes

All these heroes have high base stats.

Elemental Wizard – Mage unit. Attacks stun (I think basic attacks have a small AOE range), and at upgrade level 10 she speeds up attack speed of units around her. I haven’t noticed the aoe slow or damage being useful. Score 9/10

Archangel – Support unit. Becomes somewhat of a tank. AOE HP regen ability, gains damage resistance at upgrade level 10. Also has added defenses against ranged damage. Score 9/10

Imperial Elf – Ranged unit. Attacks shoot twice. Gains attack range and attack speed. Scary unit. No significant assassins to worry about this late in the game. Score 10/10

Juggernaut – Epic mustache. Frontline unit, has an aoe stun, aoe block chance, and gains more HP. A man’s man. Score 9/10, but mustache bumps it to 10/10

Thor – Melee unit, gains damage resistance. Knockbacks mess with his ability to attack. Attacks are AOE and cause a lot of damage. Score 9/10

Royal Paladin – Melee unit. Straight forward tank and slash unit. Score 8/10

Armored Troll – Frontline unit. has small knockback, returns melee damage, attacks stun at upgrade level 10. Score 9/10

Berserker – Melee unit. AOE skill. Can give himself battle rage. Doesn’t appear to pair well with the battle drummer, redundant rage. Score 8/10

Battle Drummer – gives aoe rage in a small area. Haven’t had an opportunity to use much. Likely does well with a mostly melee attack based squad. Score 8.5/10

A Tier Heroes

They are considered to be among the strongest and most powerful.

Arcane Hunter – Ranged attacking unit. Slow attack speed but attacks can pierce multiple units. Score 6/10.

Ninja Mole – Assassin unit. upon battle start digs underground to get to your ranged or magic units. Goes invisible if it kills a unit. Can be a pain to deal with. Score 7/10.

Warrior Carriage – Assassin Unit. Moves in a straight line causing damage to enemy units. When destroyed or reaches end of map, explodes with 2 rare units inside. Level of units dependent on level of warrior carriage (I think). Good counter for Assassins as it can run over them even while they are stealthed. Score 7/10

Golem – Frontline unit, another damage soaker. Score 6.5/10.

Necromancer Rat – mage unit. Summons some fodder units and does some ranged magic damage. Summoned units are weak but still useful for wasting enemy attacks. Score 7.5/10

Ent – Support unit. I’m really conflicted as I haven’t used it. Has an AOE that makes allies within the area immune to stun and knockback. Could be useful or not. Score 6.5/10

Catapult – Ranged unit. Very long distance attack, slow attack speed. I don’t care for it much. Some people like it. Vulnerable to assassins. Score 6/10

B Tier Heroes

Draggy – mage unit with AOE attack. Useful early, mid, debatable value late game. Good for killing fodder (see Common Units for fodder). Score 6/10

Troll – frontine unit good for soaking up damage. Also reflects some melee damage. Score 6/10

Assassin – Assassin unit. Teleports behind enemy lines and can be good for killing pesky backline ranged units. Feels like a real unit after upgrade 4 where it gains 3 seconds of stealth. Score 7/10

Orc Rider – melee unit that gains extra damage when it can gain a running start. I’ve not personally found it useful in any situation. Score 4/10.

Blue Wizard – Mage unit that does ranged damage and can slow enemies a teensy bit. Score 5/10

C Tier Heroes

C-tier and D-tier units can be used late game for sacrifices so don’t trash them. They become mostly useless in battles after the first day of playing.

Axe Thrower – Ranged Unit. Does have a debuff and knockback which makes it marginally more useful than archer later in the game. Score 2/10

Swordsman – Melee unit. Minor usefulness early game. Once you can recruit rare units, there is no reason to field this unit. 1/10 score

Goblin – See swordsman. Faster attack speed, less health. 1/10 score.

D Tier Heroes

Kamikaze – Unit explodes on impact with enemy unit. Damage is not significant mid to late game. Score 1/10

Archer – Surprise, ranged unit. Weak ranged attack. Score 1/10

That’s all for now! We have completed the Top Troops tier list. With this guide, we hope to enhance the excitement and fun of your experience!

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