Undertale A Multiversal Timeline Trello – Characters, Items, Bosses

Hello and welcome to my Roblox Undertale A Multiversal Timeline Trello guide! In this Trello, I will cover important elements of the game such as Characters, Items, Bosses, etc.

Developed by “NobleJinx”, this game is all about finding boxes, completing quests, and exploring the underworld to get rewards like characters, gold, or items. The game also involves competing against rival players while using a diverse cast of characters! Without ado, let us now get started with this Undertale A Multiversal Timeline Trello guide.

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Undertale A Multiversal Timeline Trello

How To Play:

  • You can unlock characters from items or quests!!
  • Quests are given by flowey , who is found in different areas around the underground!!
  • Different characters have different pros and cons and some can even apply status effects to themselves or others!!
  • You can buy items at the Snowdin Shop along with Gamepasses!!
  • Fragments can be used to buy certain characters , you get fragments by killing players, you can spend these at the Snowdin Shop!!
  • You can sell items at the Tem Shop found within waterfall!!
  • Yellow Stars ( Save Stars ) save your location!!
  • Green Stars ( Map Stars ) allow a quick way to travel between areas!!

Character Guide

Hardmode Sans

Hardmode Sans

  • Obtainment -This character can be bought with 5000 Fragments
  • HP: 10
  • Mobility: High
  • Jump Power: Medium
  • Abilities: Bone Wall, Shortcut, Quad Bone Spin, Quad Blaster

Really Bad Time Sans

Really Bad Time Sans

  • Obtainment – Use Papyrus Scarf on Hardmode Sans
  • Health: 575
  • Mobility: Medium-High
  • Jump Power: Medium
  • Abilities: Double Bone Spin, Giant Dual Blaster, Triple Blaster, Blaster Circle

Fazy Swap Papyrus

Fazy Swap Papyrus

  • Obtainment – Can be crafted at a place in waterfall
  • Health: 466
  • Mobility: High
  • Jump Power: Medium
  • Abilities: Scythe, Orange Aura, Bone Barrage, Slash



  • Obtainment – Use Kindness Soul on Frisk
  • Health: 600
  • Mobility: Medium-Low
  • Jump Power: Medium
  • Abilities: Burnt Pan, Overwhelming Kindness, Kindness Slash, Kindness Orb

Papyrus [Blue]

Papyrus [Blue]

  • Obtainment – This character can be obtained from using “Soul” Item for pretty low chance
  • Health: 650
  • Mobility: Low-Medium
  • Jump Power: Medium
  • Abilities: Blue Bone Wall, Blue Dog, Giant Blue Bone Spin, Blue Bone Barrage

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Items Guide


This item can be used on Frisk to give you a variety of different characters.

Characters and Chances:

  • Undyne – 5%
  • Lesser Dog – 25%
  • Napstablook – 20%
  • Froggit – 25%
  • Papyrus – 20%
  • Papyrus [Blue] – 4%
  • Asgore – 1%
  • Alphys – 5%

This item can be sold for 300 Gold.

Determination Soul

This item is used to evolve certain characters.

Current characters:

  • Used on Ashore to give Genocide Asgore
  • Used on Frisk LV19 to give Chara

This item can be sold for 2000 Gold.

Swap Soul

The Swap Soul can be used on Sans and Papyrus , to get their UnderSwap forms. This item can be crafted from a Soul and Gold. This item can be sold for 700 Gold.

Papyrus Scarf

This item can be dropped from the Papyrus World Boss and can be used on Papyrus to Obtain Disbelief Papyrus.

This item can be sold for 3500 Gold.


Gun can be obtained from Lootboxes at a 5% chance and can be used as a crafting material.

This item can be sold for 200 Gold.

Justice Soul

Obtained from a quest within Vigorous Terrain, and can be used on Frisk to obtain Clover.

This item sells for 1500 Gold.

Robloxian King’s Sword

This item can be brought from the Snowdin Shop for 9999 Gold and gives you Robloxian king when used on Frisk.

This item can be sold for 1998 Gold.

Undying essence

This item can be dropped from the undyne boss and can be used on Undyne the Undying.

This item can be sold for 4000Gold.

Bosses Guide


Location: Snowdin

Spawn Rate: 10-15 Minutes


  • Hp: 15,000
  • Spd: 19
  • Detection Range: 2000


  • 15,000 Gold – 35%
  • Bone – 30%
  • Integrity Soul – 20%
  • Papyrus Scarf – 15%

Limbo Sans

Limbo Sans Event Boss:


  • Hp: 10,000
  • Spd: 20
  • Detection Range: 1000


  • Limbo Blaster – Summons blaster towards target
  • Limbo Bone Wall – Summons Bone Wall towards target
  • Limbo Void – Summons a large void surrounding the boss
  • Limbo Bone Spin – Summons a bone spin at target location


  • Limbo Sans phase1 badge


  • Hp: 12,500
  • Spd: 20


  • Limbo Tri Blaster – Summons 3 rapid blasters towards target
  • Limbo Bone Throw – Summons a bone Throw towards target
  • Limbo Tri Bone Wall – Summons 3 rapid bone walls towards target
  • Limbo Void – Summons a large void surrounding the boss
  • Limbo Double Bone Spin – Summons a small Double Bone Spin at target location
  • Limbo Bone Crusher – Summons 12 Bones crushing inwards dealing high damage at close range


  • Limbo Sans phase2 badge

Undyne / Undying

Location: Waterfall

Spawn Rate: 15-20 Minutes.

Undyne Boss:


  • Hp: 12,500
  • Spd: 19


  • Spear Field – Spears randomly spawn all around the arena
  • Melee Spear – Hits out with spear
  • Spear Row – Summons a row if spear zones
  • Tracking Spears – Summons 4 tracking spears , 10s cd
  • Strong Slash – Summons a strong stunning slash , 10s cd

Undyne The Undying: Will spawn when undyne reaches 0hp

  • Hp: 20,000
  • Spd: 19


  • Melee Spear – Hit out with melee spear
  • Spear Field – randomly summons spears around the arena
  • Spear Ambush – Surrounds target with a spear Ambush
  • Spear Rain – Rains down multiple large spears
  • Tracking Spears – Summons 4 tracking spears
  • Strong Slash – Creates a strong stunning slash
  • Spear Strike – Summons a giant falling spear at the target
  • Spear Pierce – Summons 4 spears to quickly fires at the target
  • Determination – Heal 250hp


  • Kindness Soul – 15%
  • 40,000 Gold – 40%
  • Undying Essence – 5%
  • True DT – 40%

Reaper Sans

Reaper Sans [Boss Raid]

  • Health: 50.000
  • Speed: High


  • Melee attack that can do 250 DMG per hit 2: Shoots 1 medium-sized black slash at a target that deals medium DMG + Curse effect
  • Shoots 1 big-sized blue slash at a target, the slash does Extremely high DMG. best to avoid it 4: Lots of black fog fly through the mid of the room and split the room into 2 part, can still go to the other side but you will mostly sacrifice some HP
  • Lots of giant black orbs fly up from the ground dealing DMG and freezing whoever got caught 6: Reaper summons a black tornado that does Medium DMG + applies curse
  • Reaper teleports to a target and hit them with a Melee attack when they get in his range [Forced DMG] 8: Make everyone unable to see anything
  • Summons a fast large void on every player on the map


Effective Characters: High Mobility / Tank / Support (Maybe)

Attacks counter

  • For 2nd and 3rd Attacks, just keep distance with Reaper, 1/2 Map is best for that
  • For 4th just go back to the other part on your side or use “Teleport” to go to other side without taking any DMG [Might work
  • For 5th just keep moving near the wall so your chance to get hit by it will be lower
  • For 6th, this one is easy to avoid anyway
  • For 7th, just keep your distance when Reaper
  • For 8th, try to memorize where reaper was and predict his movement to avoid the slashes
  • For 9th, Keep moving away as much as you can then jump when it is close so you can either completely avoid it or lower the DMG at least

With that I conclude this Roblox Undertale A Multiversal Timeline Trello guide. I hope this guide will helped you enhance your Roblox experience and guide you to become a more strong opponent on the field.

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