Undertale Timeline Reset Trello – Skins & Tier List Guide

Hello and welcome to my newly created Roblox Undertale Timeline Reset Trello guide! In this Trello page, I will explain in-depth about important elements of this game such as skins, character tier list, and more.

Developed by “Pre_EmenintTale”, Undertale Timeline Reset is a Roblox game in which you have to pick a character from the Undertale Universe and participate in PVP fights to top the leaderboards. It is a generic sans simulator PVP type and is inspired by Sans Multiverse Battles. With that being told, let us now get started with this Undertale Timeline Reset Trello guide!

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Undertale Timeline Reset Trello


You get Love by waiting in game, holding E at the Love Pad, or waiting at the Sans Statue, Love scales with Resets, the more Love you have, the more Characters you will have unlocked.


Reset’s are used to unlock stronger characters, The more Resets you have the more Love you get. Every Reset gives Credits.

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Report – Report someone if they are hacking (DO NOT CLOWN REPORT)

Undertale Timeline Reset Code’s


Anti-lag – Get’s rid of weather

RESET – Used to get Resets

Buy – Buy game passes, buy something and everyone will call you a pay to win

Transfer Love – Give Love to other people, useful for making your own events (last one standing gets 100k love from me and such) ONLY works with Love, no other stats can be transferred

Skin tokens

Skin tokens are gained from clicking at the Skin token shrine, they are used for skins of characters (these characters are also stronger) Currently there is only Galaxy Sans as a skin.

How do I buy skins?

  • You buy skins with Gold

What is G?

  • G stands for GOLD,you can check your amount of gold in your stats

How to get Gold?

  • You can find gold in snow piles

How do I use it?

  • You can buy skins with it

Where do I buy skins?

  • At skins shop

Undertale Timeline Reset Tier List Guide

Undertale Timeline Reset Tier List

Characters Skins

Character: UnderSwap!Sans

Undertale Timeline Reset Trello

  • BlueBerry
  • Costs: 999 G
  • Rarity: Etheral

Character: Bad Time Sans

Undertale Timeline Reset Trello

  • Unholly Presence
  • Price: 999 G
  • Rarity: Ethera

Character: Science!sans

Undertale Timeline Reset Trello

  • Nerd
  • Price: 25 G
  • Rarity: Common

Character: Decadent Society Sans

Undertale Timeline Reset Trello

  • Deimos Decadent Society Sans
  • Price: 210 G
  • Rarity: Godly

Character: Sans

Undertale Timeline Reset Trello

  • Fabled
  • Price: 75 G
  • Rarity: Gamma

With that I conclude this Roblox Undertale Timeline Reset Trello guide. I hope this guide will helped you up your game and become a more strong opponent on the field.

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