Underworld Idle Warlock Reset Guide for 2024

This Underworld Idle Warlock reset guide provides information on how to reset Warlocks in the game, and the benefits that come with doing so. I will also cover what requirements are needed to reset Warlocks, a general strategy for resetting, and a more in-depth look at the process, including tips on what spells to use on each grimoire page and what items to save for later.

So, let’s get started!

Underworld Idle Warlock Reset Guide

How: Get 210 magic powder.

Reward: You can permanently enable a page 1 grimoire spell without taking a slot, which is very useful for everything. You also get some warlock prestige, which is mostly useful for further warlock runs.

When: After maxing out most Demon and Undead contracts and getting a lot of Drowner prestige.

Requirements To Reset Warlocks

To reach the required powder to reset Warlocks you need the Gift from the Chest Drowner contract. Also, the more levels of Drowner contracts A, B and F you have, the better. Another important contract is Mushroom Farm, and Undead O, for more waste from mushrooms, and demon P, for more production in general.

And finally, the Countdown demon contract will speed the first half of the run up a lot. Overall you also want to have as much raw mana, souls and gems as possible, every little bit helps! As of version 0.46, even with everything maxed, it’s still hard to reach the Warlock reset. I’d say recommended requirements are Drowner A6, B6, F4 (maybe A5, B4, F3), Undead O3, Demon P3.

Probably the run will last several days with these contracts unless you use a huge amount of batteries. For reference: I did it with A10, B9, F5, O5, P5, and the energy pack IAP (2x crystal power), taking several hours. I got to 225 powder by recycling e84 raw mana and e123 dark mana, and converting 1000 ashes to 10 powder.

So I overshot by 15 powder, which means 7 combined levels of drowner A and B, leading to my recommendation of A6/B6 instead of my A10/B9 (but A also helps a lot with everything in the whole run, so it will take longer with less).

General strategy

Do a chest reset to get a gift. This means you wont have a lot of waste, you will only be able to afford Mavkas (if you have Countdown you can get Dagons, making the next few steps quite a bit faster). Give the gift to Lilith, which boosts Warlock production by a lot.

Reach e1500 gems with just Mavkas to grow a bunch of bubonic fungus at the mushroom farm to get a few e10 waste. Use that waste to get a lot of Kelpies. Then use Aegis to get Dandans, push to e120 dark mana for Grimoire page 3 first slot, convert ash to a few more powders, and reset warlocks.

A bit more in depth

Grimoire page 1: Ark, Circle, Alliance (to get a lot of powder and a bit more waste, speed up drowners and warlocks and energy regen, and help push souls)

Grimoire page 2: Instincts, Skull, Aegis (to help push gems and later on boost warlocks, help push souls, and get more waste for more Drowners)

Grimoire page 3: Candle (to get the last few needed powders by conversion) Save most of your items (spheres, skulls, etc.) for the later parts of the run (for me this was one sphere on each demon, more on Belial/Leriah/Gaal, one skull on each undead, rest on Navj, a tear on Kelpie, 4 tears on Dandan, Amulets on Warlock F). Also gears help a lot, have enough spares to put at least one on Kelpie, Dandan and Warlock F. The most important of these is Dandan.

Do a chest reset to get a gift. This means you wont have a lot of waste, you will only be able to afford Mavkas. If you have the Countdown demon contract, you can do a free reset of Boiler A during your run to get more waste and reach Dagons, making the next few steps quite a bit easier.

If you keep about half your waste or so you can also use fewer bubonic fungus later and save some ashes and time. Reach e1374 gems to buy a Gaal, which lets you give the gift to Lilith.

This makes the ash production multiplier apply to warlocks, producing much higher values of dark mana. It’s not yet enough though, and also not all that useful immediately. Keep focusing on undead and demons, push further to reach 1e1500 gems (it took about e25 Navj undead and e195 Belial demon, although it’s also possible with just Decarabia demon), to be able to plant bubonic fungus at the mushroom farm.

Then plant a bubonic fungus and let it rot to get some initial waste. Keep planting more, and don’t let them rot, to double your waste with each one, until you get to your maximum value. Get maybe 10-20 of those max value fungi, depending on your Undead O level.

But don’t lower your ashes too much, I’d say keep at least 400-500. This lets you get enough Dagons to buy a Kelpie. Slowly build up your Kelpies and spend all your waste on those. You have to get this slow growing part out of the way so you can focus on Dandans during Aegis, where you only have very limited time.

Use the raw mana from Kelpies to get more undead, demons and warlocks. Eventually get e91 dark mana (I got about e34 Meritptah) and unlock the third grimoire slot on page 2. Do a last push of undead and demons to maximize your souls for Aegis (I had about e64 Navj and e322 souls) and get some more ash.

Then get Aegis (keep crystal 2 active of course), buy some more Kelpies until you can generate enough Dagons to not be limited by those, and then keep buying Kelpies and convert them to Dandans. Give a gear and all mermaid tears you still have to Dandan ASAP.

Try to get as many Dandan as possible before your souls run out, then get a few more Kelpies. You need to get a few 100 Dandans, getting to 600 and buying the upgrade for 300 is good, having fewer means your run will be a bit longer.

Then push Warlocks to about Warlock F (the voodoo looking one), using crystal 2 and sometimes 1. Your goal is 3e120 dark mana, to get the Candle spell on page 3 of the grimoire, which lets you convert your ashes for about 10 more magic powder (100 ashes per powder).

Do this only when you’re done with everything else and if it will get you to 210+ powders, because it will destroy your warlock production.

Possible shortcuts

If you have a lot of gears and maybe the production pack IAP or double tears or the drowner artifact, you can skip the mushrooms. Just get to e1374 gems, use Aegis in the 2nd grimoire slot instead of 3rd, and get Dandans during Aegis (by boosting Kelpie and Dandan production enough to get a few 100 Dandans in time).

This lowers the souls and gem requirement by a lot, letting you attempt the run a bit sooner and making the first part faster. You most likely still need about the same drowner contracts recommended above to reach the 210 powder at all, so it doesn’t help all that much, but at least it’s faster.

Tips: If you have a lot of batteries you can export your save and do a practice run where you spend all your batteries instead of waiting for energy, to figure out if the run is already possible for you and how long it would take. Afterwards just import.

Looking Ahead

After the first warlock run you can seal a spell (for example Energy Circle), so you can additionally use Flower or Summoning to speed up getting to mushrooms. Flower will also let you grow a lot more mushrooms without lowering your ash too much.

This lets you skip Aegis (with a lot of undead O), so you could use Crimson Tear instead to push demons even further, or maybe do something cool with Equilibrium. You can also further boost ashes with ruby mushrooms, to push demons even higher or get more bubonic fungus.