Roblox Undisputed Boxers Guide For Beginners (2024)

It can be a little challenging to navigate the many styles, techniques, and strategies if you’re new to the Undisputed Boxers game on Roblox. That’s why we’ve created this Undisputed Boxers guide for beginners, to provide you with a understanding of the basics and help you get started.

Whether you are interested in Training/Stats or Skills/Modes, this guide will give you the knowledge and confidence to step into the boxing ring.

So let’s get started with this guide!

Undisputed Boxers Guide

If you want to become the champion in the Undisputed Boxers game, you got to know the key controls like the back of your glove.

Combat and General Controls:

  • Sprint: Hold Shift while pressing W, A, S, or D
  • Dash: Press Q while pressing W, A, S, or D
  • Shiftlock: Press CTRL
  • Fatigue: Hold B to check bone and body fatigue
  • Light hit: Press M1 with combat tool
  • Heavy hit/Guardbreak: Press M2 with combat tool
  • Block: Press F with combat tool
  • Parry: Block + M2 (can stun opponents)
  • Rhythm: Hold R
  • Weave: Press E
  • Clinch: Press T (available when the red bar is filled after taking damage)
  • Feint: Press LeftAltM1 (if the opponent weaves, they will be stunned, but this is currently bugged)
  • Meditate: Press Y to view your potential and specialties.

Jobs And Income

Jobs & Income in Undisputed Boxers
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There is currently one job board with multiple job options available:

  1. Math Homework Helper: Help Herd with his math homework by answering the questions provided. You can earn $600 upon completion.
  2. Garbage Collector: Clean up garbage by clicking on the prompted keys on your screen for each pile of garbage. You can earn $400 for completing the task.
  3. Puddle Cleaner: Clean up puddles by clicking on the prompted keys on your screen for each puddle. You can also earn $400 for completing this task.

Training / Stats

Fat & Muscle

Fat in Undisputed Boxers
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To increase your fat, you can consume hamburgers from Fat Buddys. Each hamburger contains 20% fat and costs $100. However, note that the maximum fat percentage is 100%, which you can check by holding the B key to view your character’s fat and bone fatigue levels.

You must have some body fat if you want to grow muscle. You can anticipate losing about 20% of your body fat during each training session, which will later turn into muscle. When your muscle mass increases, your body’s composition also changes. You can monitor your development by weighing yourself at the boxing gym; the current upper limit for muscular mass is 160.

Treadmill in Undisputed Boxers
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The operation of treadmills is similar to that of pushups or situps. They provide a speed statistic that can enhance your sprinting speed. The maximum value is 100.


To reach Potential in the game, you can strive to win Rank matches or tournaments, which will unlock valuable clan skills. Your Potential is capped at 100, and can be achieved through grinding and a strong grip on the mechanics of the game.

Trainings in Undisputed Boxers
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Currently there are three exercises which are: situps, pushups, and punching a bag, they all produce the same amount of muscle and quantity of fat loss. It should be mentioned that using a punching bag as a sparring partner requires the use of HandWraps before you can begin training in order to protect your hands from injury and avoid hand fatigue.

When they run out, you can buy fresh HandWraps and resume your training.

This workout depletes your stamina and food bar, so you’ll need to buy some coffee to replenish both so you can keep going.

Training Mits in Undisputed Boxers
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Training Mits

Training Mits are the coach only item that can greatly enhance muscle development during training sessions. It is important to remember that they do not currently contribute to overall Potential gains. It is also worth noting that their use is subject to a global cooldown of 10 minutes.

Skills List in Undisputed Boxers
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Skills List

Here are all the available character skills:

Liver Blow

A fatal blow to the liver.

  • (Requirement: $1000)
  • (Potential: 15)

Strong Straight

Heavy attack towards the opponents torso.

  • (Requirement $5000)
  • (Potential: 8)


General SMASH

  • (Requirement $8000)
  • (Potential: 20)

White Fang

A fast combination consisting of an uppercut followed by an overhand.

  • (Requirement: $5000)
  • (Potential: 15)


Quick spiraling jab that stuns the opponent for a short while.

  • (Requirement $8000)
  • (Potential: 25)

Flicker Jabs

Quick flurry of left handed strikes.

  • (Requirement 8000$)
  • (Potential: 5)

Hawk Bloodlust

The user activates a sinister grin, this buffs the users damage and speed. (HAWK REQUIRED)

  • (Potential: 50)


Kures removal technique, they surpass the muscle augments and go beyond this buffs durability and damage. (KURE REQUIRED)

  • (Potential: 50)

Takamura Rage

Heats up his body beyond its limits and steam emits from the body. Gives a damage buff as well. (TAKAMURA REQUIRED)

  • (Potential: 50)

That’s all for today. Remember, train hard, stay focused, and never give up. With dedication and perseverance, you too can become an Undisputed Boxer.