unOrdinary Simulator Relic Tier List (Best in May 2024)

Get the upper hand in every PvP battle by reading through our unOrdinary Simulator Relic tier list for May 2024.

Relics are fancy doodads obtained after defeating Elaine, the third boss in the first world, in the unOrdinary Simulator game. They’re extremely rare, so consider yourself lucky if you come across one.

With only a 1% chance of dropping from any mob after Elaine, you’ll need to be patient. Once you have one, you can upgrade it with prisms, which are sparkly stones that increase the Relic’s power.

Currently, each rebirth is limited to one Relic acquisition. So, choose wisely.

unOrdinary Simulator Relic tier list: Best Relics guide

Relics in UnOrdinary Simulator
Image by gamebad studios

S Tier Relics

  • Brutal Blade – Increases critical damage by 1005%

A Tier Relics 

  • Ancient Armor – Reduce damage taken by 99%
  • Chaos Clover – AMPED allies are 403% more likely
  • Saint’s Symbol – Increases healing and regen by 600%

B Tier Relics

  • Wind Wings – Increases Walkspeed by 350%

C Tier Relics

  • Treasure Trove – Increases money earned by 480%
  • Merchant Manual – Reduces upgrade cost by 605%

This concludes the Unusual Simulator Relic tier list for May 2024. I’ve covered some of the best relics in the game, but there are many more to be found. Stay tuned for more updates as I keep exploring the world of unOrdinary Simulator.

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