Warlander Skills and Weapons Tier List 2023

Warlander is a popular game that has a daily player count of over 6000 on Steam. However, some of you are still having trouble selecting the right weapons and skills for your hero. To assist you, I have created a Warlander tier list that will set you apart from the competition.

Published by “PLAION”, the main goal in Warlander game is to work as a team to defend your own Keep and destroy the enemy’s core by tactically breaking into their stronghold. To help you in your quest, you can recruit god-like warriors, clerics, mages, siege weapons and spells to control the battlefield in intense competitive skirmishes and epic castle siege warfare.

Warlander Skills and Weapons Tier List

Starting with skills tier list below:

Warlander Skills Tier List

S Tier Skills

  • Rocket Punch – The power of One Punch Man, in an aoe. Great for stopping reckless Warriors which charge at you, or simply fisting clumps of enemies. Very good for surprise burst damage. An all round great ability. Susceptible to issues when you have high ping/network lag however, making it miss.
  • Fog – Insane utility ability that near blinds all enemies in a large radius and essentially allows you free reign to DPS them down. It’s great to cast this on the ground covering as many allies as possible, to grant them the benefits of fighting within the fog (as they can also see clearly within the fog). This ability also hides your team ‘blips’ on the minimap, which can help ‘hide’ your pushes from enemies who are looking to spawn on the most contested lane. Also great at shutting down enemies with low end PCs. Not kind to FPS. (Expect this skill to be nerfed.)
  • Flash Step – A great ability to save you when you make a mistake in positioning, and a melee class manages to close onto you, or for sheer outplay potential. Can also be used to slip by a group of enemies when the path to the enemy Castle/Core is open.
  • Lightning – Huge AOE damage after a short delay. Zoning ability. Try to place it at the start of a fight using your prediction based on enemy movement.

Placement Tips:

  • If enemy is pushing you, place it at your feet and backtrack while firing finger guns at them
  • If the enemy seems like they may retreat, place it upon their retreat path and push them with finger guns to pressure them into the lighting circle
  • Either they walk into the lightning, or are forced to position badly to avoid it, either way its a win-win

Other Tips:

  • When melee enemies are smashing your gate, cast lighting on the group for massive damage.
  • Lightning can be cast on a wall, to hurt any enemies adjacent to it.
  • Can also be cast on the backside of a gate. If the AOE is on the gate perpendicular to the ground it will hit players on the other side.

A Tier Skills

  • Flame Wall –  Creates a… wall of fire. Very good zoning / area denial and can completely cover pathways. Deals significant damage.
  • Crows – Can be blocked by shields, but generally good for disrupting / exposing an enemy, especially if you have allies providing DPS. Otherwise, one can argue that simply firing your ‘Finger Guns’ could be more valuable than attempting to ‘crow’ an enemy.

B Tier Skills

  • Wind Trap – Decent ‘zoning’ ability if you haven’t unlocked fog yet. Place them before the enemy melee reach you, and it’ll either deter them from coming close, or stun them for an easy kill. Can also be placed near pitfalls/bridges to knock enemies off the map for an instant kill. A strong ability but difficult to place in due to limited slots.

C Tier Skills

  • Magic Napalm –  A ‘better’ version of wind trap. Multiple much larger area denial zones that do large damage and knockback. You can knock enemies into multiple zones in one press and do huge burst damage. Difficult to set these up effectively while on the offense, or to predict enemy positioning while on the defense.

Unfortunately, the traps detonate on weapon swap which makes this far less usable.

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Warlander Weapons Tier List

S Tier Weapons

  • Magic Arrow (Finger Guns) – Hitscan machine guns that delete everything. Low Demolition damage.
  • Perks – Headshot > Magic Shot > Load Capacity
  • All perks are strong. Headshot gives the most damage but is both aim dependent and situational (15% HS damage vs 5% per lvl).
  • Has surprisingly low damage falloff. Very respectable mid to long range damage.
  • Fully recommend adding [Load Capacity] 1 or 2. More shots scale more to total damage than just dmg and headshot multipliers. This can be extremely important for hitting breakpoints of killing a target without needing to reload – note that reload time remains the same regardless of ‘mag’ size.
  • Fireball – Purely for ranged Demolition damage on offhand. Can be used for CC (3 hits ignites target and forces them to run on fire but is likely less valuable than simply killing them).  Use this to blast down doors / siege weapons. Can also be used to burn down the wooden platform of which siege weapons are constructed upon.
  • Fireball Hitbox is bugged currently and doesn’t register from side or behind 80 percent of the time. Its value goes way up without these issues as three hits within x time frame catches your target on fire. It hits for some juicy headshot dmg too.

A Tier Weapons

  • Lightning Shock – Very strong – but with the caveat of being short range. If you can’t aim very well this will be your friend, but you will need to play carefully without a pocket Cleric.

B Tier Weapons

  • Ice Spear – The AWP sniper rifle of Warlander. Contender for A tier and situational S tier. This weapon has huge ‘one-shot’ potential if you have good aim and gear. Very low damage falloff at range.
  • Sadly, it has low demolition, so you either run this as a secondary and have no demolition capability or drop the much more versatile ‘Magic Arrow’ for it.

White [Ice Spear] – 7.5s to Fire 5 shots (1 Mag) -> ~380 dmg / 51 DPS

White [Magic Arrow] – 3s to fire 25 shots (1 Mag) -> ~386 dmg / 129 DPS

As we can see from the above, the DPS isn’t great. What can make this weapon shine is headshot perks stacked for 1 or 2 shotting people.

A case can be made that a non title noob spawn mage with a Purple rarity Ice Spear can delete pretty much anything early on.

  • Ignition – Good for demolition on the same elevation – but less flexible than Fireball. Cannot be fired up/down ledges. Situationally stronger on certain maps (Valley f.e.).

C Tier Weapons

  • Wind Blast – No clear discernable purpose that makes it better than alternatives. Cannot be fired up/down ledges.

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