Westale: Peelgrimage Game Relic Recipe Guide for Beginners

Ever wish you could be like those amazing Relic Hunters, zipping around finding treasures and making super-duper powerful weapons in Westale: Peelgrimage game? Well, YOU CAN!

With this Westale: Peelgrimage all relic recipe guide, you’ll be a Westale wizard in no time, crafting relics like a pro!

Westale: Peelgrimage Game — All Relic Recipe for 1.2

  • Flame Spear + Trident glaive = Ultimate Breaker
  • Master Bettor + Pagcda = Pagcda of Fate
  • Banana Palm Fan + True Wish Maker = Authority Palm Fan
  • Ultimate Power of Words + Dragon = Masked Dragon
  • Divine Brush + Adamantite Pickaxe = Downfall
  • Gold Ingot + Wealth = Opulence
  • Mob Buster + Firestorm Roller = Firestorm Mob Buster
  • GHR + Clone Swarm = Void GHR

Best Relic in Westale Peelgrimage

There are best for killing all mobs:

  • Banana Palm Fan + Adamantite Pickaxe = Void Palm Fan
  • Nine-looped Staff + Nine-toothed Rake = Secret Staff

There are best for killing all bosses:

  • Eye of the Heaven + Jade Rabbit = Sharp-eyed Rabbit

When you are powerful, you can kill every mob // No mob = Not Active Ground by the following recipe.

Ultimate Recipe

  • Master Bettor + Manjusrikumarbhuta = Dominance

This special thingy can make enemies disappear in one go, but it’s tricky to use and takes a long time to be ready again. It’s like using a power that’s a bit hard to control.

You’re better off picking another weapon that helps you stay safe and unbeatable in the game.

Not transform weapon

So, in the game, you can only transform once, but if you switch to a different weapon type, you can transform again. The following relic isn’t for transforming, but it’s great for beating lots of little enemies and also works well against big boss fights.

  • Divine Call C + Manjusrikumarbhuta = Dipamkara

Westale: Peelgrimage Summary

Genre: Action, Indie, Adventure

Setting: Ink-style world inspired by “Journey to the West” mythology

Gameplay: Survivor-like action with hack-and-slash combat, character evolution, item/relic crafting, and over 200 weapon and treasure combinations.

Story: Unclear, likely focuses on exploration, overcoming challenges, and self-discovery.

Themes: Transformation, perseverance, mythology, overcoming the odds.

Key Features:

  • Evolving characters with three unique forms.
  • Over 200 weapons and treasures to collect and combine.
  • 20 powerful relics to craft for enhanced abilities.
  • 72 “transformations” that change combat and gameplay.
  • Addictive and challenging combat with a unique visual style.

Reviews: Mostly Positive, praised for its action, visuals, and depth, but criticized for difficulty and occasional technical issues.

Overall: Westale: Peelgrimage offers a stylish and challenging action-adventure experience inspired by Chinese mythology.

Players hack-and-slash their way through enemies, evolve their characters, and craft powerful relics to conquer the ink-style world. Just be prepared for a steep learning curve and the occasional technical hiccup.