WolfQuest Anniversary Edition: Core Of Yellowstone

“It Was An Encounter Of Destiny, The Day I Became A Wolf I’ve Never Been Before. It Was The Day I Met The Last Protector Of The Great Gem, The Core Of Yellowstone.”

A Great Force Has Been Broken, The Force That Holds Yellowstone Together. Greedy Wolves Have Stolen The Gem Of Great Power, Wanting To Take It For Themselves.

The Gem Was Stolen, Its Protectors, Brutally Killed, And Yellowstone’s Balance, Mercilessly Destroyed. Yellowstone Is In Grave Danger, Along With All Its Individuals.

Can It Still Be Saved? Names Of Protectors For Prologue: Arrow. Stargazer. Snakehead. Tiger Eye.

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Prologue: The Gem’s Taking [Gore Warning]

A Massive Wolf With A Jet Black Coat And A Pair Of Blood Red Eyes Walked Into The Cave. His Body Was Covered In Scars And Some Bloody Streaks Across His Fur As Well As Some Glowing White Ethereal Markings Around His Back. He Was Triple The Size Of Any Average Wolf, And He Was Extremely Strong, And He Called Himself Dagger.

He Stomped Into The Cave, Boldly Approaching The Protectors. Where Is The Gem? He Growled In A Deep Voice. This Gem Is Not To Be Tampered With! It Holds Together The Bonds Of Yellowstone’s Balance! Arrow Growled, Preparing To Summon Up His Powers. Suddenly, Dagger Lunged At Arrow, Slamming Him Into One Of The Sharp Points On The Cave Walls.

Blood Splattered Everywhere, And Arrow’s Back Had A Deep Cut In It And The Force Broke His Back. His Lifeless Body Was Covered In Blood And He Collapsed Onto The Floor Of The Cave. ARROW!!! Tiger Eye Cried, Tears Welling Up In Her Blue Eyes. DO NOT MAKE ME REPEAT MYSELF AGAIN, WHERE IS THE GEM?! Dagger Roared.

The Protectors Held Their Ground, Growling And Staring Coldly Into Dagger’s Dark Red Eyes. Stargazer Summoned Up Her Abilities, Breathing Fire Onto Dagger, Burning Him Terribly. Dagger Yelped And Lunged, Grabbing Stargazer And Throwing Her Against The Cave Walls. Tiger Eye Blasted His Leg With Ice, Breaking It.

But Not Before Dagger Grabbed Stargazer And Ripped Her Throat Out, Blood Pouring From The Wound. STARGAZER NO!!!! Tiger Yelped, Tears Raining Down Her Eyes. Dagger Grabbed Snakehead And Chomped Into His Neck, Breaking It. Blood Was Everywhere And A Loud Yelp Shook The Cave.

The Cave Was Covered With Fur That Had Been Torn Out Of Their Bodies And Blood Drenched The Floor. Tiger Eye Ran For Her Life, But Dagger Grabbed Her Back And Threw Her, And She Collapsed To The Ground. Dagger, Thinking She Was Dead, Reentered The Blood Filled Cave And Found The Gem. He Then Grabbed It And Carried It Away.

Chapter 1: Fires Of Death

Starry Giggled As Her Brother Playfully Pushed Her To The Ground. This Is So Fun! Her Brother Exclaimed. Okay You Two, Don’t Get Too Riled Up Before The Hunt, Remember You Will Both Be Doing This Completely On Your Own This Time.

You Did A Great Job With Our Supervision, Now We Need You To Do Good Without. Their Mother Said. Suddenly, A Massive Fire Began Scorching The Land, And The Pack Was In The Forest. Tree After Tree Fell, The Pack Ran And Ran. Moon And Her Mother And Brother Were All Ahead, And Sticking Close Together.

Suddenly, A Tree Made A CREEAAKK Sound, And Starry Leaped Forward, But A Sudden Yelp Sounded. Starry Whirled Around, Only For Her Look Of Fear To Turn To Horror As She Saw The Burning Tree Covered In Blood, And Under It, Starry’s Mother.

Her Brother Must’ve Backed Up, Because He Suddenly Darted Around The Tree, Burned Badly, But Alive. MOTHER NO!!! Starry Cried, Tears Rolling Down Her Eyes. Her Brother Nuzzled Her Face, Trying To Comfort Her.

Starry Payed No Attention To Him, But Instead Just Kept Running. Now Was Not The Time To Mourn, Their Lives Were In Danger. Starry’s Brother Picked Up On This Quickly And Didn’t Hesitate To Dash After Her.

Starry Then Noticed A Small Pool Of Water And Dived Into It, Her Brother Following. After A While, The Fire Went Out And They Exited, But Not Without The Looming Guilt That Their Mother Died And They Couldn’t Save Her.

Chapter 2: The Power Of One…

Tiger Eye Was Pulling Herself Around, Her Back Was Broken And She Was Dragging Her Back Legs At This Point, Leaving A Trail Of Blood Wherever She Went.

She Then Noticed A Black Wolf With Yellow Eyes, She Was Pitch Black, But She Wasn’t Hostile. Hey, You There! Tiger Eye Called. Starry Whirled Around, Only To Have A Look Of Pure Shock To Be Put On Her Face As She Saw Tiger Eye.

Y-You Aren’t Who I Think You Are… Are You? Starry Said. The Gem… The Gem Was Taken! There Is An Evil Wolf Out There, He-He Killed All The Protectors! I’m The Only One Who Survived, But I Don’t Have Much Time Left. Tiger Eye Said.

She Suddenly Pressed Her Head Against Starry’s, And Starry Felt Power Surge Through Her Body. u-use them… w-wisely… Tiger Eye Said With Her Dying Breath, Collapsing To The Ground. Starry’s Eyes Widened As She Saw Tiger Eye’s Mangled Lower Back, And She Noticed A Blood Trail As Well. The Gem Was Gone, It Protectors Were Dead, Yellowstone Was Going To Fall Apart.

Thats Why The Fire Came, Because The Gem Wasn’t Controlling Yellowstone’s Natural Forces Anymore. A Sudden Realization Swept Over Her, This Could Be The End. The End Of Yellowstone, The End Of The Lives That Live In It.

This Could Very Well Destroy The Entirety Of Yellowstone, Someone Had To Find And Retrieve The Gem Before It’s Too Late. The Sky Darkened, Riddled With Dark Clouds. A Massive Storm Was Coming, Only Further Proving Her Suspicions.

Chapter 3: A Starlit Peril

Starry Sprinted Back To Tell The Others, But She Realized That It May Be Better If They Don’t Try To Help. They’d Be Putting Their Lives At Risk, And Besides, They Wouldn’t Stand A Chance Against Whatever It Was That Killed The Protectors, Because The Protectors Were Very Powerful, And If Anything Wanted To Get Through Them, They Would Be Bombarded With Constant Icy And Bloody And Fiery Blows.

Starry Returned Home To The Others, But As She Was Running To Her Brother, His Look Of Welcome Turned To Shock. Starry Stopped Cold. What Is It? Starry Asked. Y-Y-Y-Your Face…. It’s… G-Glowing… Her Brother Said Fearfully. WHAT?!?!?! Starry Shrieked.

Then She Remembered Her Encounter With Tiger Eye. Starry Realized She Was By A Pool Of Water, And She Glanced At It To See Her Reflection. Much To Her Horror, Her Brother Was Right. And It Wasn’t Just Markings On Her Face. Her Yellow Eyes Had Darkened Blue, And They Were Glowing Brightly.

Her Black Coat Of Fur Had Hints Of Lavender On Her Forehead, And She Had Many Glowing Lines And Streaks Of White Fur On Her Face, And Her Scruff Was White And Blue, And All Her Burns From The Fire, Seemed To Vanish.

Her Interaction With Tiger Eye Must’ve Been An Ability Transfer, Because Starry Was Changing, And Fast…

Originally written by renegilbert5757!