WolfQuest Anniversary Edition: The Moonlight Journey

From the author of the book series, The Wildfire, and Nova’s Journey I bring to you the Moonlight Journey.

When Moon gets lost, she has no idea how to survive. She has to grow up and stop being so curious about things. But she figures out that her ancestors are watching over her.

Will her ancestors be able to guide her back to her family? And perhaps a new friend?

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Chapter 1: Lost


Moon huffed. “Ugh! Why can’t I catch this butterfly!” She was wandering up rocks, farther and farther away from her den. “Moon!” She distantly heard her mother call. But she paid no attention.

She was too focused on the butterfly. If she could just get it… There! She leapt into the air and got it in her jaws.

Finally! Now she could go show her siblings what a great hunter she was. But when she turned around their rocky den was nowhere in sight. Neither was her family. “Again!” Moon sighed. Yesterday she had gotten lost in a rushing river, chasing a bunny.

But her mother had found her. So she surely would find her now… Right? Moon was too impatient to wait for her mother to show up.

So she tried to find her on her own. She sniffed where she had come from. A faint smell of her mom and dad came through her nose. If she could just follow it, then maybe she could find the den.

But then she got distracted by a hare smell instead. She was never going to find her family. She lay down for the night, under a blanket of stars. “I wish I could find my family.” She told the stars.

She waited for a reply. When none came, she rested her head and fell asleep. She dreamed about her siblings and saw how proud they were when she brought back the butterfly she had caught.

Jupiter, her brother had always been her best friend. He was always proud when she brought him a cricket or a beetle. She missed him the most.

She woke up with a long yawn. She sniffed the air for a hint of her family. Nothing. She was actually lost. From chasing a butterfly. Her stomach growled. She needed to find food. But she was only two months old.

She didn’t know how to hunt. And chasing beetles and butterflies wouldn’t fill her up. She was pretty sure they would just make her even more hungry.

She could try hunting a hare. She kind of knew how to from watching her mom a few times. You just had to find one, then run after it and kill it. Easy. Well, at least she hoped it was easy.

Chapter 2: Paw steps

Moon sniffed the ground early in the morning. She wanted to get a head start on looking for food. She found a bunny trail not far from a creek, and she followed the tiny paw steps. Soon she spotted a tiny blur in the distance. She crouched down, not knowing how far it could hear.

But she seemed okay in her position. She crouched all the way until she was just a grass patch away from the bunny. Then, she pounced! She bit the bunny’s neck, and it was down in a second. She smiled at her catch and ate all of it.

But her stomach still growled. She had to think of something bigger. ‘Beaver? No that’s to hard to hunt, let alone FIND one.’ She thought. She would just have to hunt bunnies for now.

She found and hunted a few more, then sat by a small creek and thought about her family. Would she ever find them again? But if she didn’t would they be able to find her? She rested her head on her paws and sighed. “Oh, I wish I could find you Mother, and Jupiter.” Without meaning to she fell asleep.

When she woke up, it was pitch black outside. Nothing was awake. Except… She heard paw steps rushing towards her. She needed to find shelter quickly. She got up off the soft grass, and sprinted off, to what she thought was an abandoned burrow. And luckily she was right.

She dove into the burrow and crawled as deeply as it went. She was shaking from the cold outside and from fear. She heard the paw steps get louder, and then she heard digging outside. Whatever it was, was coming straight for her. She didn’t know if she would survive. She forced her eyes shut and went to sleep. Hoping the creature would be gone in the morning.

She yawned as light peered into the burrow. She remembered the creature from last night. She slowly crawled out of the den.

She hoped it wasn’t still out their. For wolves sake she didn’t even know what it was! She came out and stretched. Suddenly, a big black figure jumped onto her. It was the creature.

Originally written by zlah31!