Xeno Online III Tier List 2024 – Best Races & Traits Guide

We have got the new Xeno Online III Tier List today. In this guide we’re going to be ranking every single race and trait that are present in this latest Roblox game.

Published by “Xeno Two Studios“, Xeno Online 3 is a third installation on the Xeno online series on Roblox. The developers have done a brilliant job of maintaining the old mechanics such as boss fights, quests, conquer planets, and race types while revamping maps, locations, and all the other elements in the game.

Xeno Online III Races Tier List

Here is my ranking of all the races in the game:-

Tier Rank Races
S-tier Jinango, Sphinx
A-tier Saiyan, Majin,
B-tier Half Saiyan, Acrosian
C-tier Alien, Android, Namekian
D-tier Human

Now, let us check out the new Xeno Online III traits tier list.

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Xeno Online III Traits Tier List

Tier Rank Traits
S-tier Lssj
A-tier Evil, Hit
B-tier Yardatian, Primal
C-tier Meta Acrosian, Bojack
D-tier Hanma

Final Words

With that I conclude this Xeno Online III Tier List. We have done our best to cover all the available races and traits in the game as of today. Our goal was to provide a comprehensive guide that would help players choose the best races and traits.

We plan to keep this Xeno Online 3 tier list fresh as the game evolves with new changes, updates or patches released accordingly.

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