Zombiflux Sleepless War Beginner Guide – Hero Intro & Tips

Zombiflux: Sleepless War developed by “Eggtart” is a real-time zombie apocalypse strategy game focuses on base building, resource management, and alliance formation.

In this Zombiflux Sleepless War beginner guide, you will learn about the basics of the game, including best heroes and tips for new players so that you can lead your army in battle against zombies.

So arm yourself with your weapons and let’s begin this guide!

Zombiflux Sleepless War Beginner Guide – Best Heroes

Ethan Bridger
via Eggtart

Ethan Bridger

People rarely see Ethan smile. The man always looks so serious, but they trust him with all of their heart. Ethan is never an idealist. His past military experience has shown him the brutality of wars. In his days as a mercenary, he already saw too many of the dark side of humanity. He has never dreamed of glory and fame, for he knows too well the harsh reality is what he has to face.

via Eggtart


The gentleman Killer, this is a mysterious man whose past is also a mystery. Malone Dumas became well-known a few years ago. He is a killer and a silent doer who, unlike a mercenary, can not be hired. Malone has his own philosophy about killing and usually doesn’t let his victim die too awfully. He will rather pray for peace and tranquility for them. One thing is certain: Once people receive letters without words containing irises and coins, they are close to death.

Beginner Tips & Tricks

Remember to complete Daily Tasks to get numerous rewards

Claim Daily Activity Chests to receive a variety of valuable items such as Golden Keys and Serum. Daily Tasks include Structure building, battle, gathering, training, and consumption. They are easy to complete as long as players keep on going. To get the final rewards more efficiently, you need strategies when doing the tasks.

Tips: If a task requires training 50 Commandos, you can choose the low-level ones in the Training Camp to complete it as quickly as possible.

Understanding BP Basics

Players’ BP includes Structure Power, Tech Power, Hero Power, Troop Power, and Commander Power. When first started, players can complete main Missions and upgrade Structures to quickly boost their BP. Each time a Structure is upgraded, its max Power at the current level is also increased.

But BP isn’t everything. Remember, you are here for the long haul!

Open Mystery Chests in Pub

Open Mystery Chests in Pub to get Heroes and Hero Fragments to rank them up. With more Mystery Chests opened, players can get additional Hero Fragments. Remember to claim the reward chest for additional Fragments and use them to rank up your Heroes. This might save you some keys.

Use Serum to build Train

We have noticed that many commanders struggled to build and train. Here are some tips for you to shorten the time:

  • Use Serum to finish instantly
  • Finish research in Research Lab
  • Use Speedups to shorten the time

Choose units carefully

Players can dispatch soldiers of different types before going into battle. Defense Guards are the must-have. They can bear the brunt in the front, creating a safe space for high-damage Heroes and units in the rear. High-damage units such as Commandos, Raiders, and Snipers can be selected based on different stage requirements.

Commandos and Raiders are good at clearing hordes, while Snipers can deal great damage to Stage Bosses. Put the high-damage units around the Heroes and set Guards accordingly to defend the squad against attacks from different directions.

Also, remember to leave enough spots and save energy when selecting Heroes in case anything goes wrong in the battle so that you can better protect units in the rear when needed.

So try out these strategies in the game, and if you have any trouble learning the basics, you can always refer to this Zombiflux Sleepless War beginners guide for help.

All the best in your battles!