Anime Fury Skirmish Free Codes & Loot Released by Devs

The devs of Anime Fury Skirmish just dropped a surprise update loaded with free codes and loot. The unbalanced teams in the previous update have been fixed, and a new matchmaking system that considers player skill and wins rates is also released with this update.

This mobile game throws you into the heart of an anime brawl. You’ll collect a roster of anime heroes and attack your opponents in the battlefield. A recent update improved the in-game store, making some characters more accessible, and now the devs are upping the ante with a free loot bonanza!

What Kind of Loot Are We Talking About?

From what I’ve claimed so far, the Anime Fury Skirmish codes can unlock a bunch of goodies, including — New Character Shards, Weapon Skins, and Gold.

What Codes Are Working Now?

These codes have been working for us in the Anime Fury Skirmish game:

  • d2Doa6A — Gold, & Skins!
  • P6K9mkt — Gold, & Skins!

Where To Redeem These Codes?

Code hunting won’t pay off if you don’t know where to redeem them in the game. Here’s how to unlock your free loot:

  • Head to the Settings Menu: Locate the gear icon within Anime Fury Skirmish home page.
  • Find the “Redeem Code” Option: Look for a section or button mentioning “Redeem Code” or something similar.
  • Enter Your Code: Carefully type in the code you obtained (make sure to differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters!).
  • Claim Your Loot: Hit the “Redeem” button, and your free rewards should be added to your account.

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