Anime Showdown Tier List: Best character guide June 2024

Are you struggling to choose the right character to crush your enemies? Don’t worry! We’ve compiled the updated Roblox Anime Showdown tier list for June 2024, taking into account all the latest meta shifts.

This Anime Showdown character tier list will guide you through the best and worst characters in the game, based on their Difficulty, Super Armor Skills, and Guard Break Skills!

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Roblox Anime Showdown Tier List: All characters ranked for June 2024 meta

TierNameDifficultySuper Armor SkillsGuard Break Skills
SRimuru, Joker, Ulquiorra, Naruto, AstaEasyJab Rush, Finger Cero, Cero Oscuras, Blazing card slashCero Oscuras, Finger Cero, Explosive cards, Blazing card slash
ATengenMediumConstant resounding slashes, string performanceFirst-form roar, Constant resounding slashes (last hit only)
AJotaroMediumOra barrage, Full power slam, skull breakerOra Barrage
BIppoHardGazelle punchGazelle punch, Dempsey roll, Sakki combo
BGonMediumJanken ScissorsJanken Rock
CShinraHardFlaming kick FurryFire Axe, Corna, Adolla Burst

Anime Showdown Tier List Key:

  • Tier: S-tier is the best, C-tier is the worst.
  • Difficulty: How Easy, Medium, or Hard it is to master.
  • Super Armor Skills: Skills that give you invincibility for a short while.
  • Guard Break Skills: Skills that can be used to break an opponent’s guard.

Anime Showdown Tier List FAQs, Answered

Why should I use this tier list?

This tier list can help you choose the best characters in Anine Showdown for your level of skill. It can also give you a good idea of the current meta and which characters are considered strong or weak.

Why is Rimuru ranked so high in this tier list?

Rimuru is the most powerful close-range character in Anime Showdown. His skills deal high damage, have good range, and offer the best survivability with awakening.

Is Joker still a good character?

Joker is still a good choice for beginners due to his simple skills and powerful ranged attacks. Despite this, he might occasionally be less effective against the elite category of opponents for advanced players.

What about characters like Shinra and Ippo?

High-risk, high-reward characters like Shinra and Ippo take more practice to master. Their abilities are powerful but difficult to use, so beginners should avoid using them.

I enjoy playing Gon, but I struggle with his awakening. Any tips?

It takes exact positioning and timing for Gon’s awakening. In training mode, practice landing his “JaJanken Beatdown” to gain a sense of its timing and range. Further, for maximum impact, try using his awakening to block an opponent’s attack.

Understanding the Anime Showdown tier list and the factors that influence it can help you make sensible choices about which characters to play and how to further develop your skills.

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