Pet Simulator 99 Enchant Tier List 2024 (Best Enchants)

Is your progress sluggish, your coins dwindling, and your pets lacking the oomph to break through those pesky breakables? I’ve dug deep into Pet Simulator 99 to find the ultimate Enchant tier list for June 2024.

Enchants are similar to powerful books in Pet Simulator 99, which your character can put on to gain many handy abilities. These Enchants can improve the potential to collect coins, upgrade your pets, and even raise the likelihood of scoring critical hits.

But there are a limited amount of Enchant slots available for your character, picking out the right ones is critical for achieving maximum gains.

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Pet Simulator 99 Enchant Tier List: Every Enchant Ranked

Enchants in Pet Simulator 99
Image designed by Clashiverse
Enchant NameTierAbilities
Coin EnchantTier 1Increases the number of Coins dropped by breakables dramatically.
Strong Pets EnchantTier 2Directly enhances the attack power of your pets.
Tap Power EnchantTier 3Boosts the level of damage you deal when you tap breakables.
Diamonds EnchantTier 4Increases the rate at which diamonds drop from breakables.
Criticals EnchantTier 5Increases your chances of landing Critical Hits.
Magnet EnchantTier 6Expands the radius within which you will automatically collect loot.
Speed EnchantTier 7Improves your walking speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Enchants should I prioritize?

In my experience, the key Enchants to prioritize are Coin Enchants and Strong Pets Enchants. They have a direct impact on both your Coin income and the strength of your pets.

Additionally, I’ve found Tap Power Enchants to be really handy for tackling those challenging breakables.

Are Critical Hits worth trying to boost?

While Critical Hits can be very powerful, their rarity makes them a bit unpredictable for steady advancement.

I’ve found that Critical Enchants can boost the chances of landing those powerful hits, but, honestly, their effect doesn’t quite measure up to some of the other Enchants out there.

Are Speed Enchants worth using?

In Pet Simulator 99, Speed Enchants aren’t as crucial because the farming areas are quite small. Moving around isn’t a big deal since hoverboards and teleport cannons offer faster travel options.

As I wrap up this updated Pet Simulator 99 Enchants tier list, keep in mind that this is merely my own evaluation, and what you need may differ depending on your present situation and overall goals.