Black Grimoire Odyssey Spells and Abilities Guide (2024)

In Black Grimoire Odyssey, spells and abilities are essential for your character’s success. They can be used to attack enemies, heal allies, and protect yourself.

In this Black Grimoire Odyssey Spells and Abilities guide, we’ll take a look at the different types of spells and abilities in the game, and their effects on your opponent’s.

So, let’s get started!

Black Grimoire Odyssey Spells and Abilities Guide

Note: The higher the rank of the grimoire, more spells you can store and your magic will be stronger and reduce mana expenditure.

Melee Spells

  • Terra Fist: Activates fists of rock that increases your m1 damage.
  • Dark Cloak: Casts a spell that conjures a dark-infused sword (the dark cloak scales with half your sword damage and all magic power).

Ranged Spells

  • Gale Swirl: Casts a spell to summon a powerful hurricane that blows your foes into the air (launches enemies upwards).
  • Fire Bat: This spell lets you summon a fiery bat that throws blazing projectiles at your foes (deals burn damage).

Trap Spells

  • Trap Hole: Casts a spell to summon a circle that traps your opponent.
  • Trap Bomb: This spell summons a magic circle that detonates, causing damage to your enemy.

Support Spells

  • Rock Zone: Casts a spell that grants you a health boost and forms a protective barrier, reducing the damage you take.
  • Breeze Rush: This spell accelerates both you and your allies, making everyone move faster. (buffs speed for a short amount of time)
  • Luminous Heal: This spell lets you heal your own health.
  • Radiant Blessing: Casts a spell that heals everyone, including yourself.

Movement Spells

  • Roll: This spell simply lets you perform a roll.
  • Blink: Casts a spell that turns you invisible and removes target from you.
  • Inferno Jet: When activated it triggers a fiery explosion, sending you flying and inflicting fire damage to your enemies.

Mana Ability Info

Mana Skin

  • 20 Mana Manipulation needed.
  • Passively increase your hp when you have your grimoire out
  • Obs: Scales with points and only works while you’re holding the grimoire.

Mana Sense

  • 50 mana manipulation needed
  • You release a radar that marks you: Chests, Monsters, Npcs and Players.
  • You can see the traps in the dungeon, trap bomb/hole and help you with in-game rooms like levers.
  • Obs: range scales with points

That’s all for the Black Grimoire Odyssey Spells and Abilities Guide. I hope you found it helpful.

Just remember, these are just a few of the many spells and abilities available in the game. Experiment and find the ones that work best for you.

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