Blox Fruits: Dragon Revamp & Dragon Fruit (Holiday Update)

The Christmas update for Blox Fruits introduced the much-anticipated Dragon rework, a possible revamp for the Control system, and an overall festive theme.

Join me as we explore all the details surrounding this Blox Fruits update, diving into the officially confirmed release date, intriguing insights into the Dragon rework, and engaging in some speculative discussions inspired by the latest developer disclosures.

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Dragon Revamp: A Sneak Peek

The biggest news is undoubtedly the Dragon rework. Developers have teased a sneak peek of one of the new moves, and it’s nothing short of epic. The AOE attack engulfs the entire island in flames, showcasing the immense power of this mythical beast.

This could be the Awakening move or just one of the reworked abilities, but either way, it’s certain to make Dragon even more powerful in battle. Here’s the official Tweet from the developers:

According to one video on YouTube, the Dragon Rework is expected to cost 5K Robux. The community was initially expecting the Dragon Rework to drop in the Winter Update, but recent developments suggest it will be part of the Holiday Update.

Holiday Update Part One

A surprising revelation was made about the update name change from “Winter Update Part One” to “Holiday Update Part One.” This suggests that a lot of surprises are included in the holiday season update.

Update Release Date

Remember this Kitsune update trailer that dropped a week ago? The devs straight-up hid the release date for the next update in plain sight!

They said, “This update includes the Mythical Kitsune Fruit and a mini ship update… combined more ship content coming with our Christmas update in 2 weeks!” Release date confirmed!

Christmas Cheer is Coming (Finished)

Holidays also arrived in the Blox Fruits too! The Christmas update dropped with some hints for the dragon rework. While details were still kept under wraps, one thing’s for sure: Dragon isn’t the only one getting a makeover. The roadmap teases “more ship content” coming with the Holiday update.

The devs have been tight-lipped about the rest. Could we see a new fruit? Maybe some festive accessories or a holiday-themed island?

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New Dinosaur Fruit

There’s a strong hint of a new dinosaur fruit in the mix. In the Tweet that we have posted above, Rip Indra shared a mysterious image that seems to depict a dinosaur transformation on the accessories section at the bottom.

All in all, are you excited about this new Blox Fruits update? What are your predictions for the Dragon rework? Let me know in the comments below!