Blox Fruits Shipwright Subclass Abilities Guide: How to unlock & more

Tired of watching your boat crumble to splinters under the onslaught of ferocious sea beasts? Fear not, the devs have released a new Shipwright subclass in Blox Fruits. By using its abilities and powers you can turn yourself from a landlubber into a seasoned captain!

This guide will help you through everything you need to know about the Shipwright subclass, from unlocking the subclass to Shipwright’s abilities and maxing out its full potential.

So, let’s get started!

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How to unlock the Shipwright Subclass in Blox Fruits?

First things first, you’ll need to find the Shipwright trainer which can be found in Tiki Outpost. This NPC will guide you through the initiation process, which mainly involves a quest to kill 20 sharks.

Remember: If you accept his quest, the progress of your other active Subclass quests will reset.

Once you complete the quest, you’ll get access to the Shipwright subclass and the ability to repair boats using wooden planks.

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Shipwright Abilities Guide in Blox Fruits

The Shipwright subclass operates like a skill tree, allowing you to unlock and upgrade various abilities to improve your boat repair capabilities.

Here are the key abilities of the Shipwright subclass in Blox Fruits:

  1. Levelling Up:
    • Repair boats using wooden planks for +10 HP.
    • Trees have a 30% chance to drop 2-4 wooden planks.
  2. Plank Scavenger (Level 5):
    • 60% chance of receiving two times wooden planks.
  3. Blueprint Specialist (Level 10):
    • Repair boats using wooden planks for +15 HP.
  4. Whole Mechanic (Level 18):
    • Repair boats using wooden planks for +2 Max HP in the boat’s minigame.
  5. Heavy Hammer (Level 25):
    • Stuns can’t stop you from repairing.
  6. Maxing Out Shipwright:
    • Achieve level 25, gather 5,000 veiler, and spend 3,000 fragments to unlock the full potential of Shipwright.

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How to play the Repair Minigame?

The repair minigame is an important element of the Shipwright subclass. It allows you to maximize your boat repair efficiency.

To excel in the minigame, hold down the repair button until the yellow bar fills, then release it within the green zone for extra HP.

Bonus Tip: Precision in timing will reward you with additional HP, so it is a valuable skill that you should master.

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