Roblox Brick Bronze Odyssey Codes Wiki (May 2024)

Having trouble unlocking coins, power-ups, and energy in the popular Brick Bronze Odyssey game? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve got a solution for you.

In this game, there are special Brick Bronze Odyssey codes that can give you an edge and help you show off your skills.

I’ve searched every corner and compiled a list of all the active Brick Bronze Odyssey codes that you can redeem in May 2024.

Active Brick Bronze Odyssey Codes Wiki

  • SpookySeason – Redeem for 10k Pokedollars and lvl 30 Primeape (Requiresments: 5th Badge)
  • TrickOrTreat – Redeem for lvl 35 Yamask 5k Tix 250 BP 15 Rare Candies (Requirements: 5th Badge)
  • DownTime – Redeem for free rewards (Requirements: 3rd Gym Badge)
  • Monkey – Redeem for Either Pansear, Pansage or Panpour (Requires 3rd Badge)
  • Rollback – Redeem for 20 Ultra Balls, 10 Rare Candy and Shiny Rowlet (TRADELOCKED) (Requires 3rd Badge)
  • WeApologize – Redeem for 100k Pokedollars, 100 BP and 1k Tix (Requires 3rd Badge)
  • MoneyMoneyMoney – Redeem for 1M Pokedollar
  • SorryForDataLoss – Redeem for Gengar, 15 Rare Candy, 200k Pokedollars, 300 bp, 5k tix (Requires 1st Badge)
  • Speedrun – Redeem for Shiny Ho-oh with Bream OT (Limit 500)
  • NewRoriaLeague – Redeem for 10 Max Revives, 20 Max Potions, 5 Full Restores, 1 Lucky egg (Requires 1st Badge)
  • ThankYouBream – Redeem for Shiny Bisharp, 3 Masterballs, 25 Ultraballs (Requires 1st Badge)
  • Mew2IsHere – Redeem for Level 20 Shiny Mareanie, 40k pokedollars, 3 masterballs (Requires Gym 7)
  • StarsBack – Redeem for Shiny Lvl 50 Inteleon (Requires Gym 5)
  • FreeStuff – Redeem for Level 40 Shiny Empoleon, 10k tix, 300 BP, 10 Rare Candys (Requires Gym 4)
  • CashMoney – Redeem for 150k Pokedollars (Requires Gym 2)
  • Veteran – Redeem for free rewards (Requires Gym 7)
  • 40K – Redeem for free rewards (Requires Gym 4 – MAKE SURE TO PUT A SPACE AFTER 40K OR IT WON’T WORK!)
  • JulyStarterPack – Redeem for 5 Hyper Potion, 15 Ultra Balls, 20 Great Balls , 30 Poke Balls, 5 Revive , 10 Potions , 5 Super Potions (Requires Gym 1)
  • SummerEventIsHere – Redeem for LVL 30 Shiny Alomomola, 150BP, 15 Rage Candy Bars (Requires Gym 3)
  • ItsGettingHotHere – Redeem for LVL 50 Shiny Charizard, 100K Pokedollars, 2 Masterballs (Requires Gym 5)
  • SummerStartsNow – Redeem for free rewards (Requires Gym 3)
  • 505 – Redeem for free rewards (Requires Gym 5)
  • WeAreBack – Redeem for free rewards (Requires Gym 6)
  • NabzIsBack – Redeem for free rewards (Requires Gym 1)
  • HappyEid2023 – Redeem for free rewards (Requires Gym 4)
  • SummerPack – Redeem for 5 Max Ethers, 15 Max Revives, 1 Lava Cookie, 20 Great Balls , 15 Poke Balls, 5 Revive , 10 Potions , 5 Hyper Potions (Requires Gym 1)
  • 20KMembers – Redeem for LVL 50 Shiny Decidueye, 4 MooMoo Milk, 100k Pokedollars, 5K Tix (Requires Gym 5)
  • SummerTime – Redeem for Shiny Lvl 15 Solrock, 15 rare candies (Requires: Gym 2)
  • ItsHot – Redeem code for Shiny Lvl 50 Magcargo, 1 Black Glasses (Requires: Gym 5)
  • MoneyForIceCream – Redeem for 100,000 Pokedollars (Requires: Gym 1)
  • PrimeTime – Redeem for 30k Pokedollars, Shiny Lvl 50 Aerodactyl, 15 revives (Requires: Gym 6)
  • GrindPaysOff – Redeem for 10K Tix, 100K Pokedollars, 10 Rare Candies, 10 Max Potions, 1 Masterball (Requires: Gym 4)
  • 10KMembers – Redeem for Shiny Dragonair Level 40, Shiny Rapidash Level 40, Shiny Umbreon Level 40 (Requires: Gym 4)
  • Celebration – Redeem for Shiny Charmander Level 15 (Requires: Gym Badge 1)
  • 5KMembers – Redeem for 200 BP, 50K Pokedollars and 3.5K Tix (Requires: 3 Gym Badge (Float Badge))
  • CoolPokemon – Redeem for Shiny Dhelmise LVL 25, 5 PPUps (Requires: 2 Gym Badge (Brimstone Badge))

In this Brick Bronze Odyssey codes list, you will only find official codes made by the game developers. These codes, like “BigDelay,” are safe and free to use. The developers are the only ones who create these codes. So go ahead and redeem them and have fun in the game!

Finding Brick Bronze Odyssey Codes

To ensure you stay informed about the latest Brick Bronze Odyssey codes and game updates, I’ve some useful tips for you:

  • Join the official Discord server: By joining the game’s official Discord server, you can take part in discussions and receive real-time updates about Brick Bronze Odyssey codes and updates.
  • Follow their Roblox group: Be sure to sign up for related Roblox group. The developers use this group as a forum for sharing necessary details like game updates and codes.
  • Follow their Twitter account: Bookmark game’s official Twitter account. The game developers also use Twitter to communicate with players, share exciting news, collaborations, events, and release codes.

In the vast Roblox universe, Brick Bronze Odyssey is just one of many games that offer the opportunity to claim free cash rewards using codes. If you’re eager to explore more Roblox codes, check out Eat Sand 2 codes – Cat Washing Tycoon codes – Math Answer or Die codes – Target Simulator codes – Marble Rail codesBillionaire Simulator 2 codes

Redeeming Brick Bronze Odyssey Codes

To effortlessly redeem a code within the game, just follow the steps that I’ve given below:

  • Log in to your Roblox account and locate the “Brick Bronze Odyssey” game on the homepage.
  • Click the green play button to launch the game on your device.
  • Once you’re in the main lobby, click on the “Twitter Codes” icon to open the redemption menu.
  • Enter all the valid codes into the “Enter Code Here…” field.
  • Click on the “Redeem” button to use the code.

If the code is valid, you’ll receive premium rewards that can be found in your inventory.

Anticipating New Codes

While there’s no sure-fire way to predict when new Brick Bronze Odyssey codes will be released. They often appear during special events, game milestones, or occasionally at random times. It’s a good idea to bookmark this page and come back daily to check for new codes.

About the game

Brick Bronze Odyssey is a trending Pokémon-inspired game available on the Roblox platform. Developed by a group called Bronze Legends, it takes you on an immersive adventure in a vast world filled with Pokémon creatures that you can catch, train, and battle with.

You can even engage in PvP battles with other trainers, join teams and compete in tournaments, or trade Pokémon with friends to complete their Pokédex.

In conclusion, I’ve provided you with a comprehensive resource to become proficient in redeeming codes in Brick Bronze Odyssey. Remember to stay alert for new code releases, redeem them promptly, and share your findings with other players.