Defense Until Death Simulator Tier List Wiki (2024)

In Defense Until Death Simulator game you will battle against thousands of zombies and you have to strategically set up towers behind your gate, summon soldiers on the battlefield, and fight behind your soldiers.

You can collect soldiers and towers, equip them with weapons, shields, capes, armor, and helmets, then upgrade them to improve their abilities. But be careful, if you die, your soldiers and towers will also perish.

To help you navigate this intense game, we’ve prepared a Defense Until Death Simulator tier list of units and towers to aid you in your fight against the undead hordes.

Defense Until Death Simulator Tier List

Units are your backbone in Defense Until Death Simulator game. They are the soldiers you summon on the battlefield to fight against the waves of zombies. Each unit has its own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

To help you make the best strategic decisions in battle, we’ve prepared a tier list of units based on their effectiveness and overall performance.

Defense Until Death Simulator Unit Tier List

Defense Until Death Simulator Unit Tier List
Image by Clashiverse


  • Witch
  • Priest
  • Triarii


  • Hoplites
  • Epilektoi Hoplites
  • Physician


  • Principes


  • Hastati
  • Peltasts


  • Armoured Spearmen


  • Sergeant Archers
  • Armoured Swordsmen
  • Longbowmen


  • Archers
  • Sergeant Spearmen
  • Sergeant Swordsmen
  • Spearmen
  • Swordsmen


  • Helots
  • Hellot Archer
  • Spear Militia
  • Junior Swordsmen
  • Sword Militia
  • Junior Spearmen

Defense Until Death Simulator Tower Tier List

Towers are your best buddies in fending off those relentless waves of zombies. There are plenty of towers to pick. But, picking the right towers for your strategy is key to surviving the apocalypse.

So, here’s a handy tower tier list to help you up your chances of making it out alive.

Defense Until Death Simulator Tower Tier List
Image by Clashiverse


  • Ballista


  • Keeper Peltasts
  • Keeper Longbow
  • Keeper Sergeant


  • Keeper Archers


  • Watcher Sergeant
  • Watcher Longbow
  • Keeper Helots


  • Watcher Archers
  • Watcher Helots

Defense Until Death Simulator FAQ’s

Which is the best unit in the game?

The Witch in Defense Until Death Simulator is a cost-effective powerhouse with impressive stats, including a strong attack of 336 (366 against strong enemies) and decent health points of 57 (62 against tough enemies).

With a range of 28 and a critical hit rate of 9%, she can deal massive damage from a safe distance. Upgrading her skills and stats can make her even deadlier, and strategic placement and timing can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Keep an eye on her cooldown and health to maximize her effectiveness.

Which is the best tower in the game?

The Ballista tower is a powerful long-range tower with high initial stats, including an attack of 135 (157 against strong enemies) and a range of 55. Its high health points make it a durable option for defending against tough enemies.

As Ballista levels up, it gains additional ATK, HP, and RNG, making it even more powerful. With its long-range capabilities and potential for growth, the Ballista tower is a reliable choice for dealing with enemies from a distance.

As we all know, every tier list is open to debate, and our Defense Until Death Simulator tier list is no exception. We aim to shed light on the game’s top units and towers, but keep in mind that the meta may shift with each update.

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