World of Trollge Tier List Wiki 2024 (Best Trolls Guide)

World of Trollge is a Roblox game that is filled with all sorts of trolls, each with their own special powers and quirks. One of the things that makes trolls unique is how fast they can move. To help you pick the best one here’s our World of Trollge tier list! 

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World of Trollge Tier List

In this tier list, we have only chosen those who had movement abilities or attacks that made them faster and travel further. So, if you don’t see any trolls here that you thought would, it means they are too slow.

World of Trollge (S-Tier)

World of Trollge S Tier
image by Clashiverse

Night Depth

Night Depth Troll can be obtained from the Nights Essence with a 30% chance. It has 1,300 health and does not have any passive abilities.

Its attacks/moves include Bloom, which involves throwing a large red orb that explodes into smaller orbs and beams causing high tick damage. Handle, which summons a floating hand to grab and slam opponents into the ground three times for 200 damage each.

Staff Smack, which deals 150 damage and ragdolls opponents; Restoring, which absorbs green cubes from the ground to heal 400 HP. Neon Pursue, which involves throwing an orb and teleporting to its location shortly after.

Knight Troll

Knight Troll has a 10% chance of being obtained from the Universal Cup.

With 1,146 health and no passives, this knight wields a sword for a slashing combo dealing 690 damage, charges into battle dealing 400 damage, blocks with a shield to heal and deal 250 damage, and fires arrows from a bow dealing 250 to 300 damage.

Watch out for this troll, he is armed and dangerous, and his speed moves are nothing to be taken lightly.

World of Trollge (A-Tier)

World of Trollge A Tier
image by Clashiverse

Melted Man

Melted Man Troll is an oil-soaked, frying pan-wielding, oven-summoning, cloud-raining, lava-melting, match-dropping, explosion-causing, and self-propelling mess of chaos.

With health point of 1,500, watch out for the “Dying Pan” burn, but enjoy the speedy “Melted Movement” and the explosive “Ablaze” launch.

The World

The World Troll is a limited/seasonal stand obtainable from The Arrow with a 100% chance. It has 1,600 health and no passives.

Its moves include World Barrage (dealing around 800 damage), Timestop (freezing opponents for 8 seconds), Freezing Technique (invincibility for 1.5 seconds), Knife Throw (throwing 2 knives and healing when hitting opponents), Stand Leap (a forward shot with a harmless explosion), and Vampirism (draining blood from opponents to deal damage and heal).

Overall, has a great range and low cooldown.


Duality Troll has two modes, light and dark, obtained from the Nights Essence with a 10% chance. In light mode, they have a damaging attack and a healing ability. In dark mode, they have a counterattack and a powerful explosive move.

In phase 2, they gain additional attacks including a ground slam and a dashing move that leaves a trail of harmless fire. Health increases to 2,500 in phase 2, and there are no passive abilities.

World of Trollge (B-Tier)

World of Trollge B Tier
image by Clashiverse


Goober troll can be obtained from the Sploinky Cup with a 100% chance. It has 800 health and no passive abilities.

Its attacks/moves include the GTA Gun Mod where you shoot frying pans that explode and deal 240 damage, the Sister’s Lunchbox which is a thrown explosive lunchbox dealing similar damage, the Goofy Ah Shuffle that propels you forward and makes you dance for about 5 seconds while still being able to use attacks, and the Travis Scott Concert that heals you 1 HP per tick with an epic rap.

His movement is amazing and he travels super fast but his cooldown is very slow.


The Trolldier character obtained from the Hearty Cup with a 100% chance in a game.

With a health of 900, the Trolldier has a variety of unconventional attacks, including a rocket launcher that creates explosions, a rocket jump that launches them into the air, a pickaxe that increases walkspeed and deals damage, and a Kazotsky Kick that heals them.

In Phase 2, the Trolldier retains the same attacks with no changes. The combo of Rocket Jump and Pickaxe provides a huge speed boost.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter Troll obtainable from the Sorrow Cup with a 20% chance. Has 500 health and no passives.

Attacks include Disapprove (dealing around 400 damage), Power Kick (dealing 125 damage), Fruit Punch (dealing 35 damage), and Backup (dealing 125 damage). Enters Phase 2 with 550 health and retains the same attacks.

To enter Phase 2, manually activate it once health drops below 200 HP.


McTrolls Troll is a boss character with 500 health and a 1/3 chance of being obtained from the Oil Cup.

It has four attacks/moves: Pocket Burger (dealing 100 damage and launching opponents away), Drive Through (driving a car that deals 50 damage on impact and explodes after 7 seconds), Fry Mortar (summoning a mortar that shoots a fry explosion), and Fry Fencer (dashing forward with a fry sword, dealing 100 damage).

It has a Phase 2 with 750 health, activated manually below 200 hp, and retains all its attacks/moves from Phase 1.

World of Trollge (C-Tier)

World of Trollge C Tier
image by Clashiverse


The Submerged Troll is a troll obtained from the Dark Orb with a 50% chance. It has 1,650 health and a passive ability that heavily darkens the screen, making it hard to see the surroundings.

Its attacks include Sonar, which sends out a deteriorating wave of energy that marks enemies on the screen; Sharing Worlds, which blinds nearby enemies for 5 seconds and removes the Troll’s blindness; and Lunge, a forward lunge attack that deals 225 damage.

However, Submerged Troll is pretty slow and its movement attack is mostly focused on damage.


Oil-Man is a hilarious character in World of Trollge with some crazy moves. He’s got a 100% chance of getting a voice line with every attack, which adds to the fun.

His attacks include a strong punch that launches enemies with comic book words popping up, a dive slam that deals a whopping 300 damage, and an oil flight move that lets him fly for 7 seconds while healing and speeding up.

But watch out for his super shockwave attack, which does 150 damage and trips nearby players when he slams back down. However, the cooldown is super long and the speed just doesn’t make up for it.


Venus Troll can be obtained from the Mechanical Cup with a 100% chance. It has 3,500 health and no passive abilities.

Its attacks include Shattershock, a ground slam that deals 150 damage; Piston Jump, a vertical jump that creates a crack upon landing; Rock Throw, where it throws a large rock that creates a shockwave upon impact dealing 300 damage; and Blade Raid, a combo attack with lasers and stabbing that deals around 800 damage.

Aurora Woods

Aurora Woods can be obtained from the Mysterious Cup with a 1/3 chance. They have 1,100 health and some unique abilities. However, they cannot jump due to a passive trait.

Attacks include charging forward with dark orbs that do 100 damage each and can stack for massive damage, summoning a beam that creates an explosion dealing 175 damage and launching players, and becoming invincible while leaving a trail of spikes that do about 45 damage each.

After about 8 seconds, a giant spike protrudes from the ground, dealing even more damage. But, just like Submerged Troll, it’s focused more on damage than on movement.