Duel Revolution: Evo Candy Recipe Locations

Looking to get the most out of your monster crew in the popular Duel Revolution game? Evo Candies are the key to unlocking their true potential, and this guide will help you find all the recipes.

Inside, we’ll break down how to get each Evo Candy recipe, whether it’s through friendly encounters, completing quests, or exploring the world.

We’ll also detail the crafting ingredients you’ll need to turn those recipes into stat-boosting candies for your monsters.

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Evo Candy Recipe Locations

Basic – lady with blue hair on the bench near the fountain in Millenia City gives you it. If you show her a Cheebrock, the evolved form of Cheenut, she gives you 500 Duel coins.
To craft 1 Basic Candy: 4x Flexible Twig, 3x Sharp Fang.

Wind – lady in the park at Millenia City, Pipia Mother, gives it to you if you show her a Pipia that is ready to evolve. Have it out and start to walk away from her, she should give it to you.
To craft 1 Wind Candy: 4x Pink Feather, 3x Curly Feather.

Steel – complete the building site problems quest given to you by the cave workers. This gives you a shortcut in the deep cave and is worth doing.
To craft 1 Steel Candy: 4x Iron Nugget, 3x Common Rock.

Plant – buy at the Duel Stop in Millenia City for 900 Duel coins.
To craft 1 Plant Candy: 4x Nutritiou Seed, 3x Flexible Twig.

Fire – buy at the Duel Stop in Millenia City for 900 Duel coins.
To craft 1 Fire Candy: 4x Coal Nugget, 3x Ash.

Water – buy at the Duel Stop in Millenia City for 900 Duel coins.
To craft 1 Water Candy: 4x Sea Shell, 3x Silver Scale.

Bug – a reward for completing the ‘crazy’ forest lady’s quest in Lively Woods.
To craft 1 Bug Candy: 4x Bug Sting(er), 3x Sweet Slime.

Earth – on the floor of the cave area.
To craft 1 Earth Candy: 4x Common Rock, 3x Coal Nugget.

Toxic – ?
To craft 1 Toxic Candy: 4x ?, 3x ?.

Electric – found on a stone in the Power Tunnel. Below the entrance to Hyperloop and on the left.
To craft 1 Electric Candy: 4x Sparking Sap, 3x Static Fur.

Dark – found in G-News building after beating the news reporter guy. Go to coffee guy’s computer, his aunt sent him the recipe. Print it out. To craft 1 Dark Candy: 4x Sharp Fang, 3x Coal Nugget.