Duel Revolution: Evo Locations Guide (All Routes Explained)

The key lies in capturing the most powerful Evos –– those incredible creatures scattered across the land. But where do you even begin? This guide can help you find all the evo Locations in Duel Revolution.

Note, some evos can appear in multiple locations. This will mention where they show up the most. Sometimes the evolved forms of evos will appear in locations.

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Route 1 Evos

Pipia Sound Wind Type
Cheenut Basic Type

Beach Evos

Ravilar Wind Type
Shovly Water Type, Shovlor Water Type

Cave Evos

Baxo Earth Wind Type, Valmax Earth Wind Type, Gargoliax Wind Type
Worthy Earth Steel Type, Wormur Earth Steel Type, Wortrock Steel Type
Claiki Earth Type, Cubiki Earth Type, Kiburock Earth Type
Lizerth Earth Type, Lizeros Earth Type

Deep Cave Specific Evos

Pyrince Fire Type, Flareking Fire Type

Tunnels – Power and Hyperloop

Zingquil Electric Type
Cableon Electric Type

Route 2 Evos

Ravilar Wind Dark Type, Ravilargus Wind Dark Type
Sinflos Plant Type
Raddip Plant Type, Mirops Plant Type

Lively Forest Evos

Zipa Bug Electric Type, Bizipa Bug Electric Type, Trizipa Electric Type
Wampi Bug Toxic Type, Wampos Toxic Type
Lavross Bug Toxic Type, Sibuzz Bug Toxic Type

South Cliff

Zingquil Electric Type
Zipa Bug Electric Type, Bizipa Bug Electric Type

Evos Used for Exploration or Specific Tasks

Shovly/Shovlor to shovel sand piles. Only Shovly will allow you to surf on a surfboard.
Worthy/Wormur/Wortock to destroy rocks and boulders in the way.
Zingquil/Zingvolt or Cableon/Zaptron to provide electricity to power technology.